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Found 16 results

  1. Zkittles fem progress

    From the album Summer 2019

  2. Zkittles progress

    From the album Summer 2019

  3. Zkittles height progress

    From the album Summer 2019

  4. Zkittles fem veg stage

    From the album Summer 2019

  5. Pot Noodle Bubblicious

    From the album Summer 2019

  6. Zkittles veg progress

    From the album Summer 2019

  7. Fem Zkittles veg height progress

    From the album Summer 2019

  8. Hi all, if you don't mind I wouldn't mind your opinions on the growth of these plants and any advise you have in relation to it. The pictures were taken at day 8 (from seed sprouting and breaking through the soil) and I would like to know if they look about right or behind in terms of growth. One of the reasons why I ask is because the stems are weak and I also read that leaves should be about an inch apart but on these the leaves which are developing are almost on top of each other. Since sprouting, growth hasn't been significant in terms of height. It's my first grow and is proving challenging so far. When the seeds sprouted I left them in the dark too long resulting in them searching for light and as you can see, the one in the centre and right of the picture are taller (supported with the straws) than the one on the left. The taller ones sprouted a day earlier and had the lights on 2 days after sprouting (1 day for the shorter one). The shorter of the three appears stronger as it is holding its own, albeit appearing short. If the straws were removed from the other two, due the a fan circulating the air they would fall over. When I did put the light on I put it too close which resulted in minor bleaching of the cotyledons, this doesn't appear to have had a major effect as the other leaves are a nice deep green. The LED is a Bysen Helios 210W SP164D. Another problem I had is that on day 4 (after the light was turned on), an LED blew knocking out 1/3 of the light unit. I have components on order which will hopefully land tomorrow allowing me to repair the unit to get it fully functional again. At present I have moved the plants to ensure they get as much blue light as possible. The light was 20" away when fully functioning, it is now at around 10" as if I move it closer the footprint will be too small. Environment is typically 20C - 26C however on a couple of cold nights it has dropped to 16C. The peak temperature recorded is 28C. Humidity is lower than I would like, floating around 35RH - 40RH but I am having great difficulty getting it higher. Extraction is via an inline van at a rate of 175m3/hr however it will be less as it is extracting through a carbon filter. I also have a 9" fan circulating air causing the plants to vibrate and move. Seeds were placed direct into Plant Magic supreme, no nutes as yet. All three are autos. Comments, feedback and advice greatly appreciated, apologies for picture quality (had to use grayscale due to LED colour). Thanks
  9. Hallo everyone, I already started new project and want to share it there. My set up: SECRET JARDIN LODGE 2 in 1 Station - 90x90x145cm Sunmate twin CFL Grow Light 2x 160W Blue 6400K (maybe i will change them for 250-400W MH, will see in time) LightWave T5 2 Tube Fluorescent Propagation Lighting Unit Rootit Small Electric heat mat and digital Thermostat + PropagatorPowerplant Acoustic Inline Extractor Fan - Two speed (high 240m3/h - low 170 m3/h) Soil Atami Bcuzz Light Mixx Sensi grow-Advanced Nutrients Formulex Nutrient Solution for seedlings and young plants Nitrozyme Great White Mycorrhizal Started with 10x regular Skunk #1® from sensi seeds, and 10x Power Plant regular seeds from dutch passion are on the way actually. W8ing on them Enjoy my try, i never do that before but its an challenge for me. btw: English is not my mother language, im from Czech republic originally and im sorry for my mistakes Tent 66hours old babyes Before putting into the soil Actually They are on 24/0 4days already and im thinking about switching them on 20/4 today to next 5 days. Maybe is better 18/6 but i really dont know. I will be happy for ideas from experienced growers.