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  2. Good Point @KC youd spend x on led then x again on heating it, hps would atleast part heat it you can build cheaper led's dont need to get the latest super tec
  3. Could be my gaff right down to the filter brand
  4. Well that would depend surely. If you're growing in a garage in the middle of winter you'd be stupid to buy led over hps. Say you were setting up a 1m square tent and you were short of funds, do you spend £600 on led lighting it or £130 on a 600w hps. It's all good singing about led lighting, but it's about 5 times the price still. It's like saying my Ferrari is faster than your Ford Focus and not mentioning its 100k not 20k.
  5. And some have hid
  6. Give @One Tree Horticulture a call, they'll sort you out Discreet delivery Atb
  7. Lots of cars have leds as well...hmmm...
  8. I was joking @Slippy One should've chucked one of these in to make it more clear. But then again I am a proper cheapskate... Hmmmmm
  9. There great if you like you're plants running out of food around week 5 of flower, I put the bro on intense organix for his latest run ( only his 4th overall ) and he will be pulling around 20-25 oz from a 1.2 tent.
  10. ‘too’ and as for ellipsis... well. @Graywolf nice one e2a
  11. I’m a growing ‘herbert’ to put it mildly so just me two penneth. Putting my lights up to the top of my tent is something I’ve done perhaps last 12 months. I got pissed off of constantly wondering if they’re too close or too far away (as well as frying some seedlings). My tent is 1.8m it’s not like they’re 92 million miles away. Never noticed any undue stretch really. Infact this is my first grow where running out of height isn’t an issue. I think in part due to knowing what I’ve got to play with from the get go rather than thinking ‘fuck I’ve raised the lights again, when’s it gonna end’. In terms of penetrating light I got rock solid buds everywhere on the last plant I cropped. Hardly any fuzzy shit or trim to speak of. I’ll be leaving my lights up at the top right indefinitely.
  12. I doubt it, diodes are cheap and growers are pushing diode tech every generation. I’d say growers will always be ahead of the curve.
  13. Today
  14. Probably make bubble hash it will be easier to store best of luck with your grow
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  17. Hello UK420 growers ! Paradise Seeds starts a Photo Contest this month Let's check your albums together and be a winner ! 1st winner: 10 seeds + hemp cap + XL grinder 2nd winner: 5 seeds + XL grinder; 3rd winner: 3 seeds + small grinder. Entry closes end of this month (May 30th) and you can choose the strain that you will enjoy to grow Valid only in EU and UK. Have fun & luck !
  18. @buddy13 I think the whole plant stretching thing is a misnomer. I've always had my lights firmly fixed at the top of my tent. Ive run t5's 2 foot + above the canopy. Veg plants in the big tent with 2m of head room. I've never seen any excess stretch. Excess stretch comes from low light levels. A plant stretches in low light conditions because of phototropism. When one side of plant is in darkness, auxin cause a growth spurt of the dark side. This is how plants stay directed towards the light. When we see low light conditions covering the whole plant the auxin are in overdrive telling the plant to break out of the dark space. It the same reason a full dense canopy grows faster that an open canopy. Its the shade that drives stretch. Put it this way. Id happily run my light on its lowest setting at the top of the tent for vegging and excess stretch wouldn't cross my mind. Always kinda baffled me people feeling the need to get light as close as possible. Makes no sense
  19. Yeah. I just had one auto that didn't sprout as expected. I got impatient and dug down. Found the seed had sprouted and could just see the tip of the kind of crooked bit that usually pokes through first before straightening up. Popped the humidity dome back on and left it to it. When I checked back it had popped up but didn't look quite right. I had just had another seedling that came up with only one cotyledon and thought this one looked like it had lost both. Left it to it again to see if the growth tip would get going without them. Checked back again and this time got my loupe out to have a closer look. It was the tap root growing straight upwards out of the soil. I carefully dug it out and replanted it the right way up with the cotyledons out of the soil but it ended up doing nothing and just withered. The plant that only had one cotyledon is roaring away with normal growth. I think the ones that grow upside down are just self identifying as Antipodean :-) Freaks!
  20. does this still apply to/with led?
  21. Whats the strains parents? I think it will survive, yeah. Good luck.
  22. Planted 11 #1 F2's in coco/perlite 11 days ago after a 12hr soak. 7 are sprouted and growing well, 3 are a no show, and then there's this little guy... Started it's life pushing it's tap root up and out of the coco. Not in a typical up then down little loop that you normally get, just the tap root sticking straight up out of the coco. I didn't want to disturb it, so I added another half cm of coco on top in that hope that it would right itself, but the next day there was the tap root again poking out. After two days of this I gently dug in and found the seed, which was half popped and buried in the coco, and gently turned the sprout the right way round and replanted it. The cotyledons were only partly out of the shell so I misted it and waited a day or two for it to work it's way out but it didn't, so I gently squeezed the shell and teased it off, probably damaging the first leaves, and this is what we have... It's not drooping at all, but it's missing a cotyledon and it's the tiniest seedling I've ever seen Anyone seen anything like that? Think it'll survive? If not then it's my own fault for going in too aggressively to get that seedling head off, but this is first time I've experienced a seed growing upside down! I'm a bit disappointed that 3 of the 11 don't seem like they're gonna come up at all, and the fourth is a midget Fingers crossed I still get a decent number of females from the seven that have made it so I can find a keeper.
  23. fullmmarks for being so vigalent, many growers wouldent have been so and the problem would have been more noticable. you obviously care a great deal about your ladies and thats what saved your crop sorry, no idea about the pics, im hsaving the same problem too
  24. one hopes you diidn't get your seeds from ebay, although i see no mention of it, but i have herd a lot of negative feedback about the seeds when grown out, it seems like someone read about how to hermi a plant with light hour messing and made a bunch of seeds from the hermied plant, made a bunch of seeds and put them all on ebay to sell to unsaspecting growers. not one came out as anything near the description of what the grower had antisipated
  25. Yeah the pics aren't great I know... if anyone has a tip for resizing these phone pics to below 1mb without making them look like arse then I'm all ears She was actually darker at the time when that new growth was curling down, but that was over a week ago, she hasn't had any feed since, and she's lightened up a bit now. The 'folded over' edges of the leaf were a really dark green colour. I thought about flushing at the time, but this was the only symptom, no tip burning or anything, and I'm using organic dry amendments that only get added every couple of weeks, so I wanted to avoid stressing out the microherd with a flush if I could, plus when it first happened I thought it was light stress, as it was only at the tops of the plants. I'm already feeding quite light and if anything I think they're a tad underfed now but I've been erring on the side of caution while I figure this out. You guys have helped confirm my suspicion that it was N tox, and that she's OK now. I'm pretty sure it was the extra N in the RAW OMINA that was doing it, new growth all seems fine, so I'm gonna give them a light feed them as per the schedule on the next water. Cheers!
  26. the only other things that cause curling leaves are too cold a temprature or over watering. i agree that usualy theres a darkening of the leaves that gets to clawing at the same time, but you seem to have not mentioned any fluctuations in temps or any watering problems, so my conclusion was as the OP stated, beginnings of N tox
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