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LED's Grow McHazy

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Hiya folks

Time to pop my LED cherry with a huge thanks to @diyledukAdam and @Diyleduk Craig who have very kindly and generously sent me one of their new Par+ 240 Pro lights to play with ( not sure they thought this one through lol )


Will tag in @NanoGrows as I know he is keen to see how this baby performs ;)


Anyways here is some official blurb from the Diyleduk website :yep:


PAR+ 240 PRO


Introducing the latest in performance, efficiency and photon distribution, the PAR+ 240 PRO is a seriously impressive bit of kit. 


Manufactured to an extremely high standard, the PAR+ 240 PRO doesn't compromise when providing you with the best in photon quality and intensity.

The PAR+ brand has worked tirelessly to build a reputation for creating the highest quality LED grow lights. All of our lighting systems go through a final assembly process and rigorous quality control in the UK by trained technicians before leaving us.

With an absolutely massive diode count over a large surface area, anodised plate heat-sink, and enhanced further with additional high-quality deep and far red diodes, you'll be fighting a serious urge to show this off! 

Top-end Performance - Full Spectrum Lighting

With each light boasting a whopping 1664 Samsung mid power diodes and 28 deep/Far reds which provides a full spectrum lighting solution, suitable for a wide range of crops from seed to harvest. This light is able to provide an impressive distribution of light over a recommended canopy area of up to 80cm x 80cm or 1.2m x 60cm, while achieving a genuine system-level efficacy of TBA (to be tested and confirmed by a third party EST at 2.5µMol/j with XLG driver).

Greater Protection

Featuring a waterproof conformal coating to protect diodes and make for easy-cleaning, combined with a 5 year warranty from a UK company, you can be confident that you'll never be left in the dark.



With a linear dimmer that can take your lights all the way down to OFF, you'll have the flexibility to adapt to specific growing situations as they change. You'll have full control to select the exact intensity you want with a linear dimmer and won't be limited to a few power options. You can also connect multiple light together and dim with just one dimmer using the built in RJ ports.


Remote-Mounted, Highly Efficient Drivers

Powered by a single, remotely mounted and disconnectable MeanWell XLG driver; you'll be benefiting from lower temperatures and hang-weights than competitor equivalents. You'll have a total of 5m cable length from the plug to your light (2.5m either side of driver). All connectors are waterproof for your safety. Like we said... we don't compromise.


Technical Specifications.

Hanging height

Veg 24"

Flower 18"

Wattage +/- 5%

0ff-240w Full linear dimming.

System Efficiency@ full power

 TBA μMol/j  EST 2.5µMol/j

Average PPFD in recommended areaTBAμmol/m2/s



240mm (W) x 600mm (L) x 50mm  (H) (including gland) (H) 


Coverage veg Up to 1.2m x 1.2m

Coverage Flower Up to 80m x 80cm or 1.2m x 0.6m


Course me bein me I dinna hae a clue what most o that means lol 

But I will take it on faith that it all means good things :yep:


What I do know is that this is without a doubt the single sexiest piece o grow kit I have ever had 




Aye this is some bit o kit like :naughty:


Setting up is ridiculously easy...


As long as ye dinna take stuff out the box and then forget ye took it out the box like me :doh: 

5 minutes wondering how the fuck I plug it in till Mrs McHazy pointed out the power lead was sitting behind me from when I took it out the box lol


Other than that it literally takes 2 mins to setup :yep:




I intend for this to be a rolling diary regardless of what I am growing be it diary comps seeds 4 diary or just my own grows I will always post some pictures on here


At the moment I am well into flower with my seeds 4 diary grow for @Dinafem-Mark so not gonna get a full idea of performance this time round but will gie me a chance to get used to them a bit before the next grow kicks off in the new year (and hopefully they well enough established that I winna kill em wi noob mistakes lol )


Here's a few pics under their new sun


Blue Cheese




Critical Cheese



And the Moby Dick



And a quick group shot



The light is hung 20" above the canopy running at 80% which I will dial up over the next few days and maybe tweak the height as long as they dinna stress too much 


So I reckon that will about do fer now thanks again to Adam an Craig for the opportunity to try this wee bad boy out an hopefully I can do it justice an not just learn to kill my plants in new and interestin ways aye :yep:lol


Laters fowks 






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Nice one H 


Good to see you getting busy with the leds mate. You will be getting at least a kg per branch now! Might even beat vinnys record! lol 


All the best to ya :yep:

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Cheers @lildaveham biggest problem so far is they highlight how scabby my tent is lol

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Managed to temporarily blind yourself yet?? lol I did it as soon as my strips came out the box. 


As for the tent as long as ya got negative pressure does it matter what it looks like? lol 





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Yep lol first thing I did was switch em on an look right at the fuckers :doh:lol


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Rite of passage mate lol 

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the dots of wisdom ...once seen you wont do it again on purpose .

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:skin_up:nice light dude good luck

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Atb with the intro to LED growing :yep:






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Good luck mate, that's a nice bit of kit! :yep:

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You going to get some new tape for the tent now ? :oldtoker:

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That's a swanky fixture if I ever saw one :yep: 


Welcome to the dark light-as-fook side. Sure your girls will enjoy bathing in its brilliance. 

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@SYZYGY Aye man its a tidy bit o kit fer sure I reckon it should near enough match the 400w hps for production but loads cheaper tae run :yep:

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finally catching up with all the threads this morning, good to see you're cracking on with the new light buddy :yep:

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