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Looking really organised buddy must be hard work keeping track of those woman. 


How did you get your humidity to spike mod week? Interesting to know of needed.


Also like th plant bends early, how many will you look to use on each plant do you have a set pattern you like to us? Think I will get some of them for play.


Looking good bro.

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Excellent entry in the diary mate, I'm about a week or so behind you on the Tais and a few weeks in front on the Mohans... it will be interesting to compare.









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All looking spick and span in here mate. Lush looking girls and cracking photos :yep: Great idea using the bendz to strengthen the stems.

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Thanks again for the kind words that help to spur me on,

I do sometimes require a wee kick up the arse to get me moving :) 



Sweet Seeds Update to 6th Feb 2021

Temps and RH: 


You can see the heat rise and humidity drop on the 5th when I turned the lights up.


Lights: 110W - 135W combined(135W might be just a little bit too much without increasing airflow and humidity) :yep:



It seems only natural to begin with...



Group 1(4 weeks since soaking)

The 2 Mohan Ram & 3 Red Hot Cookies were topped on Monday(a day or 2 after the previous update).

The MR at node 5(depending where you start counting) and RHC at node 3(likewise on node counting) as the RHC were definitely gaining height on the MR(photos below).


Watering/feeding every 2-3 days,
water before: EC 0.0 pH 7.5

water plus feed: EC 0.8 pH 6.5

Final pH down to 5.8

Intense Nutrients:
MagCal to EC 0.4
Foundation 1.5ml/l
KickStart to EC 0.8
Down'n Dirty to 5.8 from 6.5


Group 2(2weeks behind the others)


they are in slightly larger pots so I'm not watering them as often as I am with group 1.


One BigFoot,

Sweet Tai x2,
SAD s1 x 3,
and Sweet Zkittlez x 3,
were all given a drink last weekend and again on Friday.

I'm have been giving them the same strength of feed as group 1,

with an EC 0.8 and pH 5.8



I started checking the runoff from group 1 a few days ago and was pleased to see that the EC had been falling from 0.8 to 0.6 consistently over a couple of watering/feeds :) 



So I have increased the EC going in up to 1.0 aiming for the pH to be as close to 5.8 as I can without getting my knickers in a twist.



Anyway with the technical stuff out of the way it's...





Time me for some photos


A shot of Group 1(Mohan Ram and Red Hot Cookies),

you can see the humidity device on the right hand side of the photo :) 


The brownish paper is damp kitchen roll with Cinnamon powder to help with humidity levels and to deter the likes of fungus gnats etc.



Next up is...



Two of the recently topped Mohan Ram in ultra close-up




Hopefully they'll bush up nicely now encouraging growth from the lower shoots.



Up next we have...



The Red Hot Cookies runt.


From a couple of days before 



And after


Not it totally sure what I'm gonna do with her as development has been quite slow up until now,

which I'm fairly sure is partly related to the tiny pot she's in atm.



As you can see I've used another "Bends" clip on the Red Hot Cookies runt that didn't show herself until group 2 had arrived on the scene(2 weeks later than her sisters).


She took a bit of a stretch to try to get to unobstructed light when she was almost being hidden amongst the foliage of those in (group 2),

again this bend should increase the strength of the main stem as well as keeping her from getting too tall.

I might or I might not top her I haven't settled on a decision yet :skin_up:


I may just continue using the "bends" training clips to see what I can do with her,

alternatively I may just let her grow kinda naturally to see her do her own thing (I'll have a think about it).



Next up it's the...



2 x Red Hot Cookies in close-up 




As you might be able to tell from the photos,

all of the toppings were done just using my own fair hands :D 



Moving on next to...



Group 2(which are 2 weeks behind group 1)


I'm still just watering/feeding them every few days when the become a bit lighter than a fully hydrated pot,

allowing the roots to search throughout the pots and fill up with lots of nice fresh white roots :) 


I'll start checking the runoff from group 2 next time I feed them,

to see whether to keep them at 0.8 EC or to raise it a little bit like I have done with group 1.



So next we have...



A shot of Group 2(Sweet Tai top left and near the bottom on the right in the black pots, Sweet Zkittlez bottom right, SAD s1 top middle and BigFoot top right.


Temp probe for the heat mat controller is in the empty soil pot(top right hand side).



The 2 x Sweet Tai









And we have...



3 x SAD s1








Next up...



3 x Sweet Zkittlez 








Last up we have...



A closer look at the 2 x Sweet Tai







A little roundup


Everything seems to going fairly smoothly so far(although there was a wee incident with one of the Mohan Ram plants but I'll save that for the next update :wassnnme:),

and I've even seen the beginning of some nice looking root mass coming through the bottom of the pots already :):D 



I expect to be watering/feeding the 5 best plants(the 3 Mohan Ram and 2 of the Red Hot Cookies) on a daily basis quite soon.



I don't normally do this,

but I might even have a try at popping some of them out of their pots to have a good look at the root development,

to get a rough idea about when to pot up.


And take some photos of course :) 



Group 2 certainly don't seem to have been held back by my choice of pot size,

they look less than 2 weeks younger than group 1(to me anyway).



I'm definitely enjoying my first coco grow so far and the @Intense Nutrients seem to be doing an excellent job :punk:



Thanks for taking the time to follow along with me,

I'm aware that I do ramble on a bit,

so a big thanks to those reading the lot and not just scrolling through the photos :D 




Atb at this unprecedented time,

as well as dealing with the current cold weather.



Until next time.


Stay Safe and keep those roots warm.




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All looking lovely in here mate, glad you are liking the Intense Nutes the plants certainly seem to be:oldtoker:

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@Shumroom going great mate... you're going to have to "plan" your harvest :yep:


Make sure the pot is dryish before you have a look at the roots... less weight. It won't hurt, I do it all the time.





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Beautiful mate! Cracking diary so far - great set up, nice images and the vibe's certainly flowing. Plants couldn't look happier with your husbandry :yep: 


All the best with the comp :lucky: 


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Looking good hope all goes well

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Yup the plants and I are absolutely loving the Intense Nutrients,

and the coco that I got from Diyleduk @Fragg :yep:


@Punta Roja my "plan" for the harvest is that group 1 (Mohan Ram and Red Hot Cookies),

should ready to come down in time to be properly dried and get a smoke report done for this to hopefully qualify as a completed diary :thumsup:


Group 2 should be able to come down as and when they are ripe'n ready, 

since by then the dr150w tent which group 1 will be flowered in,

will be available for drying.


Unfortunately I don't believe there will be enough time for a smoke report or final weigh in for group 2 before the end of the competition,

but hopefully I will have some nice photos of them right near finishing time :v:


How does this sound to you? 


@SYZYGY this means a lot to me, coming from yourself :notworthy:


And @Ccs141 thanks very much for the kind words. 






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10 hours ago, Shumroom said:

I may just continue using the "bends" training clips


I found that after a short while they cut into the stems so took them off quick smart, straight in the bin...They're a good idea but too many sharp edges.

Better off supercropping imo...Looking good in there bud, keep up the good work...:yep:



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Nice growing mate, your girls look superb :thumsup: 

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Gotta agree with the comments @Shumroom really liking the green green overhead shots off your young one’s. 

Pretty good contender your putting together in here. 

ATB to the finish line :yep:

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Yeah I noticed that when I used them for the first time on one of my currently flowering plants @stu914 

They can become quite difficult to get off once the stems get too thick :(


So I've already removed the first "bends" from the Red Hot Cookies as the base stems have started to thicken up nicely. 


I've used a few more of them on some of the quite thin branches yesterday,

to open up plants a little and keep them nice and low from the beginning :v:


I also spent some time twiddling some of the stems back and forth to break some of cell walls and have them grow back stronger. 


Thanks @jadenugs and @Amo you're gonna make me blush :blushing:


But seriously I'm not really expecting anything from the competition. 


I'm enjoy sharing my hobby with like minded individuals and learning from others who clearly love what they do. 


And don't forget the banter :yep:



the best on the net, 

many thanks to @Joolz as well as all the UK420team and members,

not forgetting the fantastic site sponsors.


I know my garden wouldn't look as good as it does without you. 



Just to add:

Congratulations to this months winning gardeners :magic:






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Hi mate I'm just here to wish you luck in the competition, if I haven't already (nightmare trying to keep up with everyones!) 


You certainly have a lot going on, but it all looks healthy and happy. Great work :yinyang:

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@Shumroom sorry mate but only found this diary the other day :doh:

Just put in an order for red hot cookies so would be good to see how they grow :yep: been having good reports for sweet seeds so will follow your thread if ya don't mind :thumsup:


all the best mate



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