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& Now I have Blackspot

Haven't posted for a while, more of a moan than anything else as I don't have anyone else to moan at.


Following some lets say VERY less than average grows on photos & autos from seed over the past couple of years. I had a major rethink last year invested in some top quality seeds (Ocean Grown), new equipment, mother & clone space. Did the seeds, cloned them all, sexed them selected the best and did a full grow, certainly the best quality grow since I got back into it 10 or so years ago, possibly ever. Its not the biggest yields but fuck me the quality is amazing, they've stretched and grown all the buds within 3 weeks (they have fully formed buds inside 10 days), then the next 6 weeks all they do is fatten up so you don't get any large colas but when its dry its the same size as when it was cut down, an oz looks like a half (an oz looks like a fucking 8th of what I was previously growing), I'll see if I can get a photo of a bit.


Reset to go again, just flicked then next grow into 12/12, Thrips in the clone space, literally ripped through it in 48hrs, never had em before so a little slow reacting to it. Long story short within 2 days I'd binned all the clone and mother, disinfected everything and added predators to the grow room. For the first week of flower, there were a couple of signs of Thrip (removed the couple of infected leaves) and it wasn't spreading (believe me I was high alert), then bang infestation. Turned them back into veg, removed every single leaf that might be infected (about 50%), washed them down several times, disinfected the grow room again. As it was going to be at least 3 weeks till then go back into 12/12, re potted them as well just in case (disinfected all the pots). Reapplied predators and let them go back into veg. No sign of thrip for a couple of weeks, then bang, Thrip back again. Repeat all previous steps (except re potting). Finally seems to have gone.


Flicked them back into 12/12 at weekend with my new Rove beetle protection, noticed a couple of brown spots on the leaves, thought it might have been a bit of overfeeding (never had fungus before), checked for Thrip thoroughly, no Thrip. By midweek it was clear, fucking fungus on 2 out of the 6. Removed all the infected leaves, wacked all the fans up to full, added another one at pot height, turned the lights down. Seemed OK until this morning, infected every plant I've just removed 50% of all leaves........ & back into veg.


I'm pretty sure the fungus came from me over washing down the plants as the light go off and leaving them without the fans running thinking the movement from extraction would be enough. 

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