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Drying temps

Currently drying my last crop and looking for thoughts on temps in the drying tent.


I messed up the last dry which I now know was drying small airy buds too fast. Aiming for a much longer dry, 10+ days would be ideal.


Changed up my dry routine completely this time. Dry trimming instead of wet trimming. Left as much leaf on as I could. Got the extraction on minimum and have a 4" circulating fan running 10 mins every hour, although I'm thinking about not running it as seeing a big spike in RH when it's on.


RH is between 57-62 but temps went as low as 12 and sitting around 13-14 on average. Will that temp range be an issue?


Last dry I had temps between 17-19.


Edit - I'm 2 days into the dry.

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I would say if it stays at that temp there may be issues. 


I usually have temps at about 18c and the rh will spike for a few days (4 ish) as most of the moisture leaves the plant, I dry trim and at them temps I usually have a 14 -21 day dry period. One the stems snap (audible) I brown bag for about 4 days shaking the bags a few times a day. Then into jars with minimal burping. 

Everyone will have a different way of drying.


all the best




lil d.  :skin_up:


Eta. I don’t use a circ fan when I’m drying as I dry I’m my tent with the extraction on full

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Thanks man. I'm drying in the tent aswell but it's really cold where I am just now and don't fancy running the heating non stop. The last dry had the grow tent in the same room so the room stayed pretty warm.


I've got a tube heater I used during the grow but been reluctant to add anything and dry as naturally as possible. I might stick it in there and monitor it overnight to see if it bumps the temps up and doesn't mess too much with the humidity.

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Don’t put the tube heater in the tent!!


Put it in the room that the tent is in and see if it helps raise the air temp a little. 




lil d. :skin_up:

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Yeah I wrote that and immediately had doubts :unsure: I literally want to leave it to dry as naturally as possible, strip it down to basics and hope for a good result and use the method as a baseline.


The heater has been in the room for 24 hours but it's not raising the temps much. Mmm I might see if I can move the tent into a walk in cupboard and use the heater in a smaller room.


Failing that I might just run the heating for an hour on and off throughout the day and hope for the best at night.

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