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CANNA COCO USAGE, I have questions

Hello there, For the first time Im growing in coco soil, and Im using canna range. Now I am gonna be soon in week three of 12/12 period and I want to find out from experienced canna users how are they using it.

What I gathered from schedule and my own experience with NFT, that I need to use all their products once a week and then just top it up everyday with PHed water and AB as its the base nutrient solution.

Can someone give me any tips how are you using Canna coco range, maybe im doing something totally wrong? And Im also using canna boost from day one of 12/12, increasing it until I will reach max usage in about week 4 of 12/12 according to their Medium feed shchedule, and using it only once a week as everything else in their range.

Tips are very appreciated. :)

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Really with coco you need to feed when watered and maybe flush once a week if you heavy feeding. . I don't use canna nutes but most people use bit less than recommended from what I see . You don't say if hand watered or using a res .you mentioned nft .

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Do you have an EC pen buddy? 

The stage your at no matter how much water you are mixing I'd take your EC to 1.0 pH 6.0

Best advice I can give is don't go with what the bottle says chances are you'll overfeed. 

I try to water every day but I can only store enough for 4 days feed, so I water every day for 4 days then they have a day without while my water warms up.

I personally use Canna AnB Canna pk 13/14 and advance nutrients budcandy in flower. 


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i use canna, only a+b, nothing else apart from a spray of seaweed extract now and again.


i have never used a ph pen, dont know how hard my water is, i just grow weeds, i'm a week into flower now, 4 plants in a 120 tent using autopots, i am up to feeding 5 ml per litre of a+b, will feed them this for the next 3 weeks, then reduce it to 4 ml for a week, them 3 ml, then onto 2 weeks flush, that will bring me up to 8 weeks, i then just keep them on water till harvest.



am old skool and just keep it simple and it seems to work.



















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