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Coco A = cal/mag ?

Hi guys my canna terra plus soil is lacking got cal/mag problems straight away with it. Its because my water is very soft ec 0.1 The soil is supposed to be limed but its under a bit like plant magic. To get me out a tight spot Can coco A be used as cal/mag with some Epsom  As its basically just N and C.

Intense coco A analysis:

Nitrogen - 4.27%

Magnesium Oxide - 0.90%

Calcium Oxide -

  • Intense calmag analysis:

  • Nitrogen (N) - 2.9%

  • Calcium Oxide (CaO) - 5.0% 

  • Magnesium Oxide (MgO) - 2.5%

  • Iron (Fe) chelated by EDTA - 0.04%

  • Manganese (Mn) chelated by EDTA - 0.01% 

  • Zinc (Zn) chelated by EDTA - 0.006%

Ive got the old site sponser nutes for soft water. Im asuming its gonna be higher in calcium but cant get an analysis from them.


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Intense coco A analysis 

    Nitrogen - 4.27% 

    Magnesium Oxide - 0.90% 

    Calcium Oxide -6.4


Intense calmag analysis:         

            Nitrogen (N) - 2.9%         

            Calcium Oxide (CaO) - 5.0%          

            Magnesium Oxide (MgO) - 2.5%         

            Iron (Fe) chelated by EDTA - 0.04%         

            Manganese (Mn) chelated by EDTA - 0.01%          

            Zinc (Zn) chelated by EDTA - 0.006%



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