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Want to try DWC

I'm coming up to a new grow again in my usual 1.2m² tent but have a spare 80cm x 80cm tent with lights extractor but didn't want to just stick another plant in there same as the others in coco, so was looking at dipping my toe into DWC with a single 20l bucket with air stone (kit for around £29) and wondered if you can use same nutrients and any pitfalls I should be aware of?  I have bluelab EC & ph meters as I'm aware this is very important for dwc, I'm planning on aquarium heater as this is a garage grow so the temps can drop in the next few months. I'm only looking to have a try at it to see if it's for me so don't want to go to mass expense (already have Wilma 4pot sat in box)


Many thanks 

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You won't look back once you try dwc I think.

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Its a dark art....the rewards and pitfalls are greatly exaggerated



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