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Dynavap induction heater

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I just wanted to let participants know that although i'd be more in favour of true power management i still wanted to distribute "likes" around and the system won't allow it.


IMO 1st-hand experimentation followed by publication is a great way to "share the fun".




Good day, have fun!!  :sorry:

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Done. The voltmeter is useful and having it on a separate switch allows for monitoring charge progress, which is very quick. I can get around 10 full bowls of 4 hits each (40 total hits) before it gets to about 10.8v. Recharge is super fast, way less than an hour for sure, although I haven't timed it. Clicks in about 10s first hit, 6-7 seconds thereafter. Much more predictable and smooth.




I can get faster click time if I tighten the coil, but think I have it about right. The depth of the vapcap in the coil also matters and took some experimentation. It's perfect now.

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That's a lucid tutorial, a great DIY project and the finished product looks very tidy indeed.

Good job @FarmerPalmersNT :yep:

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Absolutely. I will be referring to this for sure, looks a smart bit of kit mate nicely done:)

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