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New extractor fan



Currently growing in a 1.2x1.2x2m room using a 6" High Power RVK for extract connected to 8" phonic ducting and 5" high powered RVK for intake. My extract sits in the middle of the ducting, so it goes Filter --> 4M Ducting --> Fan --> 4M Ducting --> Sofit


The 6" is a mates who needs it back so I'm in the market for a new extractor and probably a new intake as I want to use the 5" for the veg box.


Been looking at choices and I'm thinking of getting a 8" Revolution Stratos for extract and a 6" Stratos for intake. Main reasons for this are:


  • Cost - both of these bring the price to 1 Vector fan plus my fan controller is an AC only controller so the cost starts mounting up if I go the EC route
  • Power - the equivalent RVK seems to use around 150w where this is around 75W
  • Noise - Harder to find info but seems to be around the same as the RVK
  • Efficiency - the ducting run I have is around 8M long and apparently this model deals with this better?


With the above are there any other recommendations? Here's my thoughts on the competition:


RVK - Seems to use more power for the same noise and less efficiency - They are cheaper though, both lower powered 8 and 6 for the same price as one stratos.

Hyper fans - Same power usage and roughly same cost as stratos but EC so means new controller - More powerful / air movement

Vector - seems great but costly and EC


Has anyone on here got an AC Stratos that can comment on noise vs the RVK models? A major concern for me is noise and I could maybe stretch to the silenced version of the Stratos but I think the EC Vector is out of my reach at the moment. I currently have the 5" intake in a box and I can hear it but not loud. 6" is wrapped in a duvet and again can hear it but not loud. Normally run the fans around 50-60%, max is set at 70% to keep noise manageable.


Also... If anyone has a 6" stratos and can measure the body at the widest point that would be ace. The 5" RVK I have atm is around 250mm and the box was built to house that so as long as the 6" stratos is less than that I'm golden.





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