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Advice on Intake vs Outtake differences.

I have got a new 6" fan and filter that runs at 660m3/h.


At the moment intake and outake are both at 185m3/h.


Would i be best adding the 660 to the 185 and having 2 carbon filters outakes totalling 845m3/h and just having 1 intake of 185m3/h.


Or having 2 intakes of 185 totalling 370m3/h and 1 outake of 660m3/h.


So option 1:


Intake = 185mh/3

Outake = 845m3/h

Negative Pressure Difference = 660m3/h


Or option 2:


Intake = 370mh/3

Outake = 660mh/3

Negative Pressure Difference = 290m3/h


I have not took into account the 25% loss because of the use of the carbon filters this is just a outline and just looking for some rough advice.

I am leaning towards option 1 as it will better for smell but tbh i smoke indoors anyway so it is not the biggest problem. I am worried that it is to much negative pressure (if there is such a thing) and not enough intake running into the tent so am looking for some second opinions. 


BTW tent size is 2x2m



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Negative pressure only needs to be just negative to stop any smells leaking out


Personally in a tent that size I'd have gone 8" out 6" in with controllers but out of the 2 options 2 is better. 1 will suck the tent in too much



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