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Hi all,


Long time smoker but pretty new to this growing malarkey! I’m at lat 53 and after reading about the outdoor successes of Dinafem seeds I’ve gone ahead and got myself a few to try for myself outdoors!


I'm lucky enough to have some secure land with good soil (ex-farm land) not too far from me so I can keep an eye on the girls and I’m hoping this thread will help me get the most of out what I have with the collective knowledge on this site.


So, what do I hope to be smoking later this year I hear you ask? Well I’ve bought:


3 x Dinafem Critical+ 2.0

3 x Sweet Killer Kush F1 FV

1 x Dinafem Auto Bubba Kush

1 x Dinafem Blue Critical Auto

1 x Dinafem Critical Jack Auto

3 x Dinafem White Widow XXL Auto

3 x Dinafem Blue Amnesia XXL Auto

1 x NYC Diesel Auto (free - seed company unknown)

1 x Fruit Punch Auto (free - seed company unknown)

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So to give you an idea of where I’m up to right now:


I started to germinate the Critical+ 2.0, Killer Kush F1 FV, Auto Bubba Kush, Blue Critical Auto & Critical Jack Auto on 3rd May and a couple of days later after they had popped (100% success rate!) they were transferred into 12cm pots from B&Q with a 1:3 mix of coco & Biobizz All Mix. They have been under 2 small 60w grow lights that I got off Amazon since and this morning I have just put them in the garden sun trap to acclimatise to the outdoors - pics to follow!


The White Widow XXL Auto, Blue Amnesia XXL, NYC Diesel Auto & Fruit Punch Autos are all being germinated at the moment (hopefully they should be good to pot today) and they will go through the same process - unless any of you guys have any major issues with what I’ve done so far!


2 weeks ago I went to my site, dug out a plot (good soil - dark, full of worms & no clay!), then spread some chicken shit pellets & fish bone & blood I got from the local Wilko. We’ve had some rain since so I’ll go out today and turn the soil over (I’ll also get some pics)


My question to anybody who is following is ‘where do I go from here?!


I have 10L pots that I was going to fill with All Mix to put the auto’s in, and then I was going to put the photoperiod ladies (Killer Kush & Critical+ 2.0) in the ground - should I put them all in the ground? Will I need to nute them at all or will what I have done with the plot be okay for the foreseeable?


Probably best that I get some pictures uploaded so that you can see how the girls are doing and were they’re up to first a I guess!!

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I would say be careful when putting the plants outside to acclimatize, birds have a tendency to take seedlings if they are out within the first two weeks unless they are suitably protected. 


I wouldn't bother using  any fertiliser for the early stages of veg either, they should be fine with what they have naturally. 


get some pics uploaded! 


Good luck:smokin:

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On ‎25‎/‎05‎/‎2019 at 11:15 AM, PorcelainCabbage said:

My question to anybody who is following is ‘where do I go from here?!

This forum has to be,without doubt,the greatest online library source of info on growing outdoors in the UK,any question you can think of,and many you cant are all discussed on here somewhere in the threads.

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