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Drinking less on flower

Hey guys quick question, im 2 weeks into flower and using a autopot system. When veging they were drinking 10 litres roughly every 3 days now into flower and they are drinking 10 litres in about 7 days, is this normal?


plant still looks healthy, nice and green and is starting to flower ok. I did take a fair bit of the plant off when lollipoping so is it just a case of it doesnt need to drink as much now as theres not as much plant?


heres some photos anyway, first ever grow so its still a massive learning curve!large.C2D42796-A56E-4637-BB3D-8BDDD2F5B77A.jpeglarge.73B990AC-DA28-45EB-81E5-8D78F4F8F7B9.jpeg

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Yeah, when I do some hardcore defoliation I always get a shit load more run off. Makes sense really, less leaves to transpire and the plants probably suffer a little bit of shock for a couple of days too so maybe drink less.

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I’m on my first grow too and I’ve noticed the plant drinking less since in the Flowering stage, I’ve also take leaves off two or three times so it sure if it’s due to that or just in general on Flowering as it’s my first grow but deffo using less either way

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Sounds normal then, cheers for the replies guys and good luck on your grows!

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