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Greenhouse Autos 2019

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1 hour ago, Happyeccentric said:

Wow what a fab update with beautiful plants


How they have grown .  I think you know more than me on  nutes and deficiencies but I love how bushy and fab things are looking.  Looks like your going to have a lovely autumn enjoying all your harvest.  Your green fingers have done great  x





I know very little, I just try research alot! Youtube has alot of grow and trouble shooting vids. 

I decided to go with biobizz nutes, you can get a starter pack on amazon which has the 3 main nutes you need, its organic, and easy to use. Plus again there's a few vids on youtube.

 I used biobizz light mix medium to start with, so made sense to use their nutes. 


Sort of - all the gear and no idea! 


Although Im impressed with myself that  the clone is still alive! lol


I think quick kush will be a monster when it starts to flower, will probs have to move the plants around. 


Kindest regards



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On 09/07/2019 at 11:17 PM, Redrum3 said:

Hi5 campers!  @Happyeccentric

So since the last post I have had both plants living it up in the greenhouse! Woop woop! 


Now I thought I had been a little 'less is more' with the bubba kush auto but it started to show signs of being unhappy 



Personally I like the colours, but I decided to flush and check the ppm which Id love to tell you but Ive forgotton. It wasnt really high, maybes 200-300 

I checked my tap water : 74 

And the water from the water butt : 45

Felt like a bit of a scientist. 

Anyhoo it was maybe a small deficiency in  phosphorus?  Purple stem could be a clue. 

Ive not had any leaf death, just the discolouration - any chance its just the strain?? 

I started using biobloom every watering, and now Ive got some top maxx into the mix as well . 

Below are pictures of said bubba kush auto. 

Now in flower, with some close ups of the pistles.

In the first pic at the bottom you can see my clone! (Quick kush) Its survived this far... but you never know.



Beauty huh?!  The smell has changed again and its almost like a rich chocolate, I think so anyways. 

Im lucky it survived my splint when I broke the stem a few weeks ago! 


Bloody weather has changed for a few days, might bring it in for some led love while its cloudy. 


Now for the quick kush... its still patiently waiting in the greenhouse, its getting a nice green canopy, Ive actually topped it as its getting too tall. 

It must be over 1.5m now. 



So in the second last pic you can see where Ive topped it, and true to form two tops have started to grow. Im not that fussed, just need it to stay hidden in the greenhouse, so there is kinda a height restriction.

The last pic is to show you the bend I tried to train this plant with, really proves that you have to be consistent to manipulate your plant, or it just self rights. The stem is very thick and sturdy, and its probably out grown its pot now. 

Im still feeding it fishmix. 

Its a little obvious but I didnt realise at first how much watering would be required, hot days in the greenhouse quickly drys up your medium plus its now a big plant, so stands to reason it'll need more now than when it was a nipper. 


Solar powered fan has been a great buy... as has the automatic window openers, Im sure on a sunny day I would've cooked my plants while at work. 


Soo think my bubba kush might be ready in a couple of weeks... what do you think?? 


And the quick kush didnt take well to the leds the first time and now its even taller, Im not sure if I can bring it in to flip it into flower. 








I'm a first time grower in greenhouse and about a month behind you, finding loads of pistiles so this is super helpful thank you!  

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Ive had to move my plants around in the gh due to growth... 




On the left is the quick kush which I germinated in march! 

And on the right is the bubba kush I germinated later in april. 

I'll talk about the quick kush first... 

I got the measuring tape out and look - large.20190728_143758-907x1612.jpg

it's over 4ft!!  That is from the top of the soil



I counted 18 branches, the majority are 1m in height and there are now pistles forming!! Which Im very excited about. I hope it continues to flower, Im not sure how its started to show pistles with it still being summer, hope its not turning male either! 


Next to the bubba kush, 

Its got a few good buds going on, 



Below is a close up of the top bud... whats your thoughts?? Nearly ready? 




nice aerial view large.20190728_143915-1612x907.jpg



Below is my bruicey bonus... my quick kush clone is enjoying its big girl pot and growing steady



I had two cuttings for clones, I thought the other one was probably dead, but I left it in the soil, and hey presto its started to grow...large.20190728_144659-907x1612.jpg


Im super chuffed as a complete newbie Ive managed to clone! 


Plan for bubba kush is to start just using water to flush as Im sure it'll be ready next week or so  (thats if I can wait! )


Started  using bloom nutes for the quick kush since its showing signs of flowering, reduced the fishmix to 1ml/l just to tide it over, it is a big plant now and Im sure it'll have used up what was in the soil. 


Any advice? feel free to spill the beans ;)

Paticularly with bubba kush flowers. 





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Looking good, I'd carry on feeding the bubba she's got a few weeks to go yet :yep:

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3 minutes ago, Smelly Cat said:

Looking good, I'd carry on feeding the bubba she's got a few weeks to go yet :yep:


Cool, will do! Thanks! 

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I have to agree, looks like she needs at least a couple more weeks to bulk out. I would say she’s looking a bit nitrogen hungry due to her pale green colour though. 


Keep up the good work!

Edited by Glasshouse3159
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Bloody wet weather!   :thumbdown:


My poor bubba kush has got some bud rot going on!   OMG the fear!! 

Thankfully only the top main bud, I just chopped it out... I actually popped the least affected bits in a fruit tea last night before bed and I slept realllllly well last night lol

So it wasn't a complete waste. 

Ive taken the plant inside and is now under some red spectrum led, hoping the heat from it will halt any potential spores.


Its a bit annoying, especially since the fan was directed towards it, but if there's no sun and just rain... its not gonna be on alot. Plus its just moving humid are around a closed environment as its not hot enough for the windows to open. 


Ah well, hopefully its not gonna spread! 


Obs keep you updated! 


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Last weekend.....


I noticed a bud that had a little sign of rot, so I pinched it out, but then I decided to just cut the bud out. 

I feel like Im confessing something embarrassing. .. :skin_up:

I looked online for how best to quick dry, and the method I used was tin foil above a toaster and to have it on a low setting and turn it a few times.  

It worked quite well, I mean, its a crude method and Im sure it doesnt produce the best, but it worked enough to grind it down a bit to smoke.

So I got my bong all ready and had a go! 

The biggest sensation was my body's reaction to music, it was like I could feel every note go through me, was surreal. 


I enjoyed the high without the hangover!

Ive been carefully looking for rot, maybe a bit too much so I can cut them off for another crude smoke lol.


Below is some macro pics of a remaining bud, 




Have a good weekend!  

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Sorry to hear you got hit with bud rot too.  I had the same issues and had to chop whatever was left early x

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More airflow.  Wipe the condensation in a morning. Avoid open water containers 

Regulate the temps?

One of the down sides of the greenhouse. Not an issue until they flower. 


Sorry for your losses

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Lovely little well documented pictorial diary, been watching it for a while. Must be hellishly frustrating for greenhouse growers as almost always get off to a cracking start to fall foul of bud rot when the finish is in sight. Not something I'd considered a greenhouse grow not least because don't actually have one :blushing:, too paranoid about discovery. Really like to get one even if only for fruit / veg, maybe it's my age but growing your own stuff appeals to me far more now than ever did. Sorry I've no advice, just compliment you on your efforts. :yep:

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@Happyeccentric  it wasn't alot of rot, Ive caught it early enough to save most of the bud. Ive been keeping a close eye on them! 



@Kipper420  its a bummer all this wet weather (as per usual) better to have it now than Sept/Oct I guess.  

Im lucky in that I was able to move the bubba kush inside, I dont think I will have that luxury with the quick kush as its just too big. I'll try be a bit pro-active with the condensation - good tip! 


@Poisonata  thanks for the compliment, Ive tried to keep it light and easy to read. Pictures tell the story for you really.

My neighbours can see my greenhouse quite easily, which is why I put bubble wrap then foil on the glass to obscure their view, so the cannabis plants have always been kinda hidden, Ive also got a trellis of baby plumb tomatoes that are nearly 6ft high, so thats helping to obscure the view.  After feeding the cannabis I always give the left overs to my other plants, Ive got a bumper crop of tomatoes and green peppers this year! 

I planted 6 broccoli plants out in a veg patch next to the greenhouse, when they were ready it was like tasting broccoli how it should be, much stronger in flavour. I made soup with most of it. Lush!  Still got some in the freezer. 

Ive got 6 red cabbage waiting to be harvested, they are bigger than my head!   Im planning on making some jars of pickled cabbage. Most will be chopped & frozen. 

Im in my early 30's and I work full time, proper gardening (anything more than cutting the grass) is new for me but Ive enjoyed it. Especially spring when its cool outside but warm in the greenhouse, lovely! 

Get a greenhouse! Some people sell theirs on ebay or gumtree for a bargin. 


Below is a bonus of using an old clothes cupboard...





Ive probably harvested them a tiny bit early, but from the effects I got from the half rotten bud, I dont think I'll have a problem getting high. Didnt want to take the risk of more rot. The plant still has some lower buds left, so Im going to see if they develop further. 


Below are pics of where I snapped this plant a good 90% through. Ive only just taken off the supporting sellotape and crutch. I found it interesting anyways...








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One advantage of bubblewrapping the greenhouse is that when you take pics in there you dont have to worry about your reflection in the photo from the background window.

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1 hour ago, Kipper420 said:

One advantage of bubblewrapping the greenhouse is that when you take pics in there you dont have to worry about your reflection in the photo from the background window.

Well spotted dude...:rofl:

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Nothing worse than finding the dreaded UK bud rot, I had to do a confession the other day but it’s inevitable and we just have to take it on the chin I guess, and smoke what’s been saved off affected plants :bong:

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