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Greenhouse Autos 2019

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Orkney sounds amazing and I fancy a trip there someday.  The plants look lovely and hope the quick kush bounces back.   Good to hear the solar fan worked out.   I'm getting a nice smell of tomato plants already in the greenhouse and they are making grear camolflague though my babies are all still under a lamp.   Think it was like 50p for a packet of lidl seeds and I'm needing to give some away.


Your wee seedlings are cute and I'm just waiting on some bubba kush autos popping through as well.  I heard they are good for greenhouse grows as not to smelly.   Is it too late in the year to sow tobacco seeds? 

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Ssooo I potted up my Quick Kush last weekend when I got back from Orkney, and its thrived in the bigger pot! 



Then the weather went a bit crap so I was bringing them both inside at night incase it got too cold. Just as well as there was some frost last week! 

So back to evenings and early mornings under the little 40w led lamp. 


The weekend just gone I decided to play about with low stress training, since this quick kush is a photoperiod I guess I have the luxury of using it to practice on - poor plant - 

If I were to stunt the growth it might be more of an issue with an auto, or worse I could snap my auto without the practice. 


So what happened was: I gently persuaded the stalk to lean over to one side using my finger behind and my thumb to manipulate the plant over. 

I didnt break or bend it over, just a nice curve. 

Next day...  she's bent right over and creased herself in the middle :unsure:

Being top heavy, she made herself... kink.


I was a bit worried there'd be proper damage to the plant structure so I propped her up so it wasnt a severe bend that might stop nutrients getting up. 

Now its hardened up and has become a knuckle.



FYI That last pic is at an odd angle.

The top leaves have 9 fingers....  how many fingers can a leaf go to? 

I could stare at this plant all day!  Such a lush green and she's smelling sweeter by the day :) Im in love, with a plant hahaha! 


Feed wise Ive been using root juice 1ml/L and fish mix 1ml/L and watering til some run off. Then waiting til its starting to feel dry under the top 0.5cm... its been roughly once a week. 


I upped the fish mix to 2ml/L on the last watering yesterday.  


My auto bubba kush seedling is doing okay,  had a water only and is on root juice 1ml/L.  Might add some fish mix next week.


Lastly  the Critical 2.0 is just a stump.  Its still alive, but has no leaves... just a... stump. So I dont know if there's any use for it? 


Hope all is well at your end?! 


Enjoy the sun before the rain this weekend :)




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Hey ya all!


Well, the Critical 2.0 auto stump came to nothing which is a shame. 


Ive increased the nutes on the watering as previously mentioned for the bubba and quick kush this week. No issues with feeding the Auto. No signs of burn etc. 


Poor plants dont know if they're a greenhouse plant or indoor plant with all the changable weather lately. Lucky my neighbours arent nosey. Been moving them around every day.


Ive installed another thermoforce window opener in the gh, they're amazing, especially if you can't be arsed going to the gh before work to open windows etc. 

Plus I can just look at the height its open to from the house and I know roughly how hot it is in the gh.  


Ssooo as I was rightly schooled early on quick kush is a photoperiod, which is fine, but I dont wanna wait til sept. So Im thinking about doing 12/12 using a pine clothes wardrobe Ive got spare, I got into it today to check for light leakage, just the middle where the doors meet, easy to sort.

BUT there's a couple of issues...


My main query is how do I know when the quick kush is 'ready' to leave veg? 

She's 8 weeks, is 1 and 1/2 ft tall, would be 2ft if I hadn't bent her over. Has plenty of new nodes.


And the second is.... Im sure it'll be easier to just buy a 300w or 600w led and keep the plant in there rather than moving it every 12 hours?  - but then I might as well buy everything else that goes with a grow room... extraction, filter, Etc. Etc.


Which makes me revert back to plan A... tend to the Autos, quick kush is a bonus later on. 

Catch 22  :wallbash:


Here are some pics of the top of the quick kush...




Beautiful green leaf.

Ive managed to train two of the lower nodes out ( not pictured), they're a good 10cm out now. Hopefully good enough when flowers start.


If I were to start a 12/12 cycle Id probably have to wait for a couple of weeks anyhow as I go on holiday 10th June for a week, so would rather do it after that. 


I  just wanna smoke it NOW hahaha! 



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Hi @Redrum3 your plants are looking lovely.


I feel at a similar crossroads to yourself as j started off planning to do everything outside but I then learned that a small led to start things off was a good plan.  


I think when it smells too much I will hide my biggest with the tomatoes.


I read about someone putting bin bags over photos for mimicking the 12 /12 cycle but as a beginner who has never tried this I don't know how that would pan out.


I'm loving watching you learn at the same time as me and am finding your pretty greenery inspiring as a newbie x

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Hi guys, 


Well, this weather has been pants Ay?

I guess last year's fabulous summer was a once in a 5 year event. 


I bought a Viparspectra 450w led. 

I thought it would be a good suppliment and investment for winter grows. Ive got solar panels on the house so daytime led use wont cost me.

Ive hung it up inside a disused clothes wardrobe for now. 

Smells arent a concern for me in house, infact, I love the sweet scent that is developing nicely. So probably wont bother with ventilation/filters. 


The plan would be to have a wardrobe door open when the led lights are on, and when I get around to a 12/12 schedule, I'll obviously close it for the dark part. Interestingly when both veg and bloom lights are on there's enough power to make my little solar panel fan to work. So that'll come in handy. 


Now for some pictures... 

Quick kush...  my poor test plant.

Ive chopped alot of fan leaves off, and its grown nearly 1m in height! Getting harder to move from greenhouse to house. The curve I created a couple of weeks ago is nearly gone, I didnt force another bend and it just grew upwards and its nearly verticle now. 

I took two small lower branches off, snipped the stem at 45degrees and have them in a glass of water to see if I can get any root formation. 




Only issue Ive got is the top has been too close to the leds and the leaves are looking a little stressed. Still green but they look crinkle cut instead of smooth leaves. I cant make the led higher with the hanging set up supplied. This might be an issue when flowers arrive?! 





Bubba kush is doing well, Ive just bent her over, letting her have the led to herself today as Ive taken quick kush out for a water n feed - in the shower... where the picture were taken lol. 

Id just like to add I didnt use the shower, only the tray. lol


So plan is treat them to the led while the weather is still crap next week. Then they're going in the greenhouse for 5 days while Im away - as I dont want to leave it unattended for that long. When Im back, see how they are... plan A is to leave the bubba kush auto in the greenhouse while I take quick kush in house for the 12/12 treatment. 


It depends how the bubba kush goes as it was germinated 24/4  so it wont be long til it auto flowers. If it starts to flower early I will prioritise it for led treatment if the weather is still pish. 


I better get some nice bud from all this or I wont be pleased! 

Saying that, I only smoked shitty hash as a teenager so any quality at all will knock me for 6. Hahaha! 








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I totally am in the same boat as you with weather.  I love your plant is a metre that's brilliant 

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Howdy hi campers! 


So little update.... 

Ive left both girls in the greenhouse while I'm away, and the bubba kush has pistles!! 



Its not very tall maybe 1ft.


How long after pistles does it take before flowers start? A week or two? 


Quick kush is just enjoying life I think, stalk is now like a tree branch, thick and sturdy. 

Plenty of nodes and good greenage. 

Over 1m now. 



At the bottom right there on the pic you can see my attempt at clones. I doubt they'll come to much, they've got root type growth in the water but Im not hopeful that they'll take to soil. 


Both plants had a good drink before I left on Sunday there...  2ml/l of fish mix and I added 1ml/L of biobizz bloom  given how close the auto is to flower and quick kush is maybe getting switched to 12-12 in a week or two. 

I use a syringe to measure it and just a normal watering can, Ive got a water butt so its all rain water they've been getting. 

Ive not measured pH and they have a slow drink until there's run off. I usually place them on a shelf above other plants so the run off doesnt go to waste! Biobizz aint cheap lol. I dont mind the smell of the fish mix either, its a healthy fertiliser smell. Hope it doesnt attract pests. 


I had a dream last night that my quick kush had all rotted away and died. So glad when I realised it was just a dream! 


Fingers crossed its fine when I get back on friday! 



Cheerio the noo









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Wow so impressed your trying clones and so hope that they take.  I'm watching with interest. They are all looking good and growing strong.   

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55 minutes ago, Happyeccentric said:

Wow so impressed your trying clones and so hope that they take.  I'm watching with interest. They are all looking good and growing strong.   



They were just little branches at the bottom that wouldnt have made much bud anyways, thought I might aswell try with my test plant. 


How is your broken stem @Happyeccentric?? Did it survive?? 

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Well you have inspired me to try it when my sub seeds start to show sex as it's the only photos I have.


The wwxxl didn't reattach when I taped back on but the bottom part of the plant looks ok so onwards and upwards

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@Redrum3 how is your plants getting on now?

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Amnesia XXL auto,pretty much cooked large.rsz_img_20190701_225234743.jpglarge.rsz_img_20190704_215927238.jpg

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On 7/4/2019 at 10:28 AM, Happyeccentric said:

@Redrum3 how is your plants getting on now?

I'll do an update for you tomorrow.... been a little lazy with posts lately. 

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Hi5 campers!  @Happyeccentric

So since the last post I have had both plants living it up in the greenhouse! Woop woop! 


Now I thought I had been a little 'less is more' with the bubba kush auto but it started to show signs of being unhappy 



Personally I like the colours, but I decided to flush and check the ppm which Id love to tell you but Ive forgotton. It wasnt really high, maybes 200-300 

I checked my tap water : 74 

And the water from the water butt : 45

Felt like a bit of a scientist. 

Anyhoo it was maybe a small deficiency in  phosphorus?  Purple stem could be a clue. 

Ive not had any leaf death, just the discolouration - any chance its just the strain?? 

I started using biobloom every watering, and now Ive got some top maxx into the mix as well . 

Below are pictures of said bubba kush auto. 

Now in flower, with some close ups of the pistles.

In the first pic at the bottom you can see my clone! (Quick kush) Its survived this far... but you never know.



Beauty huh?!  The smell has changed again and its almost like a rich chocolate, I think so anyways. 

Im lucky it survived my splint when I broke the stem a few weeks ago! 


Bloody weather has changed for a few days, might bring it in for some led love while its cloudy. 


Now for the quick kush... its still patiently waiting in the greenhouse, its getting a nice green canopy, Ive actually topped it as its getting too tall. 

It must be over 1.5m now. 



So in the second last pic you can see where Ive topped it, and true to form two tops have started to grow. Im not that fussed, just need it to stay hidden in the greenhouse, so there is kinda a height restriction.

The last pic is to show you the bend I tried to train this plant with, really proves that you have to be consistent to manipulate your plant, or it just self rights. The stem is very thick and sturdy, and its probably out grown its pot now. 

Im still feeding it fishmix. 

Its a little obvious but I didnt realise at first how much watering would be required, hot days in the greenhouse quickly drys up your medium plus its now a big plant, so stands to reason it'll need more now than when it was a nipper. 


Solar powered fan has been a great buy... as has the automatic window openers, Im sure on a sunny day I would've cooked my plants while at work. 


Soo think my bubba kush might be ready in a couple of weeks... what do you think?? 


And the quick kush didnt take well to the leds the first time and now its even taller, Im not sure if I can bring it in to flip it into flower. 








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Wow what a fab update with beautiful plants


How they have grown .  I think you know more than me on  nutes and deficiencies but I love how bushy and fab things are looking.  Looks like your going to have a lovely autumn enjoying all your harvest.  Your green fingers have done great  x

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