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Birdman's adventures in Jamaica.

I'm going to be relating Birdman's adventures in Jamaica in this Blog live.


As the adventure continues I'm hoping to receive updates from Birdman.


He's flying off Tuesday from Manchester to Montego Bay.


It's not his first time there, he won't be staying in a 5 Star hotel..... 


Plenty of culture, food, music and GANJA!!!!!


He's not shopping he's hunting..


Text and pics to follow..



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Birdman has flown...


He's on the M6 on his way to MCR airport..


I spoke with him before he left and he told me a horror story.


He couldn't sleep, he had to leave his house at 05:00.


He decided to get up at 03:00, have a shower and a cuppa and a spliff and set off..


There was a problem...No gas. So he had a mouthwash and drove round the garage for the gas.


As he was turning into his street, there they were the Police. As he passed them they pulled out and followed him. He told me he was shitting himself what with being stoned and all that.


As he pulled on to his drive the Police slowed down, took a good look at him and drove on by.


So he connected the gas, undressed and turned the shower on...and then naked, freezing he realised he hadn't turned the gas on...







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Birdman's flying...





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On 05/02/2019 at 8:58 AM, Punts said:

Birdman's flying...






I don't think I've ever seen Manchester Airport that deserted

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Birdman has sent me some pics...not much text apart from he's stoned and eating Acke fish on the beach....


Car broke down on the way from the airport...





Looks like he's scored some hash...



Rooster woke him up early...



His lodgings...





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Who's Birdman ? Is he friends with Cat Woman ?

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Birdman's sent me some pics...not much text...














26 days left...

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Birdman has sent me a voice message..


"Keep thinking about content....well...I'm gonna come with that...fly with that....I'm gonna put it all together in my mind...and then I'm gonna put it to you yeah?"


Jamaican telly on in the background...


Short and sweet..I've asked him for pics.

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News and pics from Birdman...





"The house owner says will u drive me market we drove from westend negril through sheffield & little London about 45mins drive beautiful sens me driving the hire car sav anna lamar market i was the only tourist and i love it like that .any we was both stoned hes 70 lol i got the high grade aswell for him lol anyway we get a call theres guest waiting at his gate so we raced back him worried is son in london would yell him off as he was told a different time to when the reach the house"














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More news and pics from Birdman...



















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