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Bio bizz 15 L potts got little flies

Hey Troops ,im growing BBcheese and 1 lemon cheese and lastnite i came home to switch the ;ights on and after flicking the switcg i noticed littles flies trying togo back into the soil cause i gave the plants a little mist as they 3 weeksold but coming onn strong,any ideas  Help guys dont wanna loose this grow ,i havent waterd/fed them this week they due it tommorrow but im kinda in a ponder.  Also when best to start topping for a scrog its bib budda cheese femz n 1 francos lemon cheese ,3in 15 litre potts already vegging up 2 sitting in 1 littre pots awaiting a transplant ..struggling to upload pics from a samsing galaxy mobile .got some nice cheesie ones .:skin_up:

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7 minutes ago, cheese50 said:

littles flies trying togo back into the soil cause i gave the plants a little mist

Sounds like Fungas Gnats. 

They lay larvae in the soil and they in turn eat the fine roots and inhibit water uptake and come out as fliers. lay eggs/larvae and repeat cycle , they can also spread disease that being said there is a lot worse pest wise out there imo.

If you take action quick you should be able to wipe them out.

Methods include Barrier method as in sand, grit, gnat nix, pour over top soil so the gnats cant lay eggs and the ones that are in there cant get out.

BTI mosquito dunks,

Nematoads -Nemasys Sciarid Fly Killer

Hypoaspis mites,

Spinosad,  Yellow sticky traps going across the pots

are a few ways to take them out.

Probably best to use more then one method ime.

and try resizing the pic, make it a lot smaller, search resizer on app store.


Good luck, hope you kill them all:badass:


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Thanks thinkyour right m8,gonna get perlite n cover every bit of soil in tent 

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sand has sharp bits and will kill them but its difficult to get sand to the bottom roots unless you can lift the plant out of the pot, I had root aphids fabric pots worked for me as they could not penetrate the bottom I managed eradicate them using sand

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An inch of washed sharp sand on top of the soil will do the job in no time.

Every grow I have done I have suffered from them at one stage or another either cos I use multi purpose compost and the eggs are already in the compost or it could be that I have miles of corn / barley fields right behind my house and they come in when windows are opened.

The only small issue with using sand is it takes longer to water as it filters thou the sand slowly.


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