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Help choosing fan and filter

Hey all,

new account same as my old one with 420 threw on the end as I've forgotten my password for old account.


Stopped toking for just over 2 years due to random tests in work but I've since moved on to pastures new and thought I'd get back into being self sufficient.


Was in the loft before but not got the room up there in the new place so it's gonna be a tent in my spare room and veg in the wardrobe.


Have old bits to do the drobe but donated all the bigger bits to a friend in need last year. 


So I'm gonna go with a greencube tent unsure about what's size? Ideally I'd like it to be big enough so I can get in and close it up and tinker away stop the smell getting out and have room for a chair in there too... Would it be feasible to put a smaller veg tent inside the larger one? I wouldn't need to build the drobe.


Thinking 2x2x2 or the 2x3x2.2 maybe the later would be too big unsure of lights too as I've only ever used 1 600w digi before in my loft which was 2x3 with a pitched roof like an upside down v shape. Already popped 10 smile subby beans so really need to get the finger out and order some kit asap 


So I'm thinking either one of the above mentioned tents, leccy blanket underneath, tube heater in the intake duct maybe small oil filled heater in the tent too, I done very well with 1 600w bare bulb hung vertically before so same again maybe add another if need it or a cmh? Gonna use root pouches for finals I have some starter pots and 1l pots maybe go to 3.5s once sexed then the 15l fabrics for flowering. Hand watered in Coco with ionic nutrients. Used Cana last time but ionic seems more straight forward I've forgotten more than I can remember tbh.


Last filter I had was 150/600 rhino pro and had issues with it from the day I got it was replaced twice but never trusted the brand again. Most people thought I was off my head then but seems it's common knowledge they're shite now!! So it'll be a mountain air filter the biggest I can afford  SMS hybrid controller to make it last as long as possible plus keep the ladies happy, but which fan?? Wider choice of fans and everything else to choose from now ec fans phonic trap ducting etc maybe next year... are red scorpions fans any good?


I have a 5" fan and filter from my last efforts, an old 80x80 veg tent, propagator, heat mat, EC and pH pens, formulex, homebase seaweed, out of date root tonic from growers that smells like fuck all now... never thought I'd be sad about opening that and not wanting to vomit. 


Sorry for rambling on any advice on filter and fan? Or anything else for that matter?






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Im using a carboair 60 at the moment ......so far so good....I would recommend. 


The EC fans are excellent but come with the price tag to match (saves leccy tho if you intend to speed control it)


I would avoid the mixed flow type for drawing through carbon filters tho as they just aint got the stones for it 





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