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Alan Johnson

Plug in timer with small heater

Hello guys.


Very quick question regarding using a plug in timer with heater.

I am getting a 700w oil filled radiator to run on a timer during lights out.


Will a normal grasslin timer be ok for this, or even a Plug and grow timer?


I have seen a few heaters that specifically say dont use a timer with them, and i cant figure out why?


Timer would be used to turn on once (at lights off) and off once (at lights on) thats it. 


Thanks for the help in advance guys.


@daveyjones. Hopefully you can share your knowledge on this subject too? cheers.

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Most timers aren't designed for heavy loads.

The contacts fuze together.


Most heaters have a heavy load.


I think a 700w rad will be fine myself but a heavy duty timer designed for the job is only a tenner.  


Just get a quality timer, or if you have a spare contactor relay about use it.


Peace of mind is priceless 



Edited by Dodgee

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Mate I'm not sure that's the reason? Timers can take roughly 3000w, and don't work like HPS ballasts (something to do with inductive load on startup if i recall). A heater doesn't work in this way.


But I could be wrong. 

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Alright there @Alan Johnson


Has your heater got a thermostat?


I have always used thermostat to control the temp, leave the heater on all the time,

works for me,


Take it easy. Jj:yinyang:

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I can buy one with a timer, but to be honest i just want to answer the question i asked.


But i appreciate the help anyway mate :) 


@Davey Jones (correct one this time). You have electrical knowledge as far as i can remember?


Can you shed any light?

Edited by Alan Johnson

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I just use B&Q timers for everything, NEVER had an issue in 18 years whether its hps lights or heaters. I have digital timer for my lights and mechanical for everything else like heaters or dehumidifiers

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I use a cheap timer on my 2kw electric heater, with no issues,

but I wouldn't use it on a 600w light.

its to do with the starting aperage or something like that.

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