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best 315 cmh kit reccomendations as well as 5 inch extractor

Hi all a friend of mine is going to lend me 3 ton in order to buy a new cmh. After  achat with some one down in ,y lat under similair condtions to growing set up etc he has strongly recommend i follow his path and take the plunge .  He advised my self against led or cfls but said man once ya get a good fan in there Just look at the results i got. To be fair he had a stomper yield just before christmas with his 630 cmh.  Yeah but im a bit a skint right now was my reply tell ya what he says ill lend ya the cash and buy you one. Result  ;):) my room is quiet big 3 meter long x 1.5 wide x 1,.5 high (attic ). Now i can apricate that the cmh is a lower wattage to my last run of 600 dual spec hps in there.  So im on the market for a good quality kit for around about the 2 to 300 mark please. Also are the rhino 5 inch thermo fans quiet ( I know ill have to get a varriac put it as well ), im going for as stealthy as poss and hopefully a no noise climate thanks for advice

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Normally I'd say check out G&H for a CMH set up but they dont sell the two reflectors I'd recommend, the cheaper is the maxibright focus remote reflector which costs about £60,

the other reflector is the dimlux alpha 98 but that costs near £100. as for what ballast to go for, one of the most reliable is the maxibright 315w daylight ballast & there's been very few

mentions of folks having problems with them. 


as for what lamps to go for, there's three, there's the 942 Mastercolour lamp which similar to MH & are good for vegging with if running a two lamp system, next up is the 930 Mastercolour

lamp which is similar to HPS, also just point out, you can do a full grow with just a 930 lamp but depending on your plants, they might stretch a bit when going from 18/6 to 12/12,

lastly there's the 930 Green Power Elite Agro lamp which is a specialized enhanced flowering lamp with a far red light spectral output (techy talk) lol


as for the price of the CMH lamps, a 942 & 930 will cost you close to £100 from a grow shop but you can get them from lighting suppliers for £72, as for the 930 Agro lamp, they usually cost

close to £100 on ebay. if you go with a full 315w kit, you can get the maxibright daylight ballast-focus remote reflector-930 Agro lamp for £240 & if you go with a two lamp system (942 & 930 lamp)

it'll cost about £312 + p&p.


I dont know anything about the ruck thermal fan but if a fan is on a variac & your using acoustic ducting, then there shouldn't be a lot of noise, have you tried wrapping your fan up or putting it in a box

& insulate it with either a blanket/sleeping bag/insulation foam (Leepy style - search the site) 


if your only running one 315w, I would check out either the 5" systemaire or 5" ruck/can fan, they both move a lot of air 320/350 CFM & both cost about £75 & are highly reliable.

but if you intend to add another 315w set up in the future then I'd suggest you get a 6" fan.




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