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End of Week 4 - Nutrient issues

Good Evening UK420, you've steered me right so far so I'm hoping you can have a look at the girls and tell me what I should be doing to bring em home. Day 1 of week 5 tomorrow day 28 flower today. 


I think I've got some Nitrogen toxicity goin on with some tip burn and canoeing/leaf deformation. But I'm also getting speckled rust spots on some of the leaves so dont know what I should be doing to correct the issue as I'm using canna coca a + b so it's not like I can drop back on A and increase B as they are supposed to be equal. 


I'm in coco in a hard water area so dont think its cal mag. 


Root temps are 25 degrees lights on and off with canopy 27 degrees lights on and 25 lights off. RH is stable at about 52% atm over the whole 24 hours. 


Anyway I'm wittering on here pics below: 




Dont know if this last one is coz it's right next to fan




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I've gone half strength today. 


Dont know if the lack of reply is coz ya think I'm being dramatic and they look ok or there is just no advice. 


I've read the npk on canna coco B and I think I'll just use that for a few days and see if the claw goes away. Then reintroduce A at half strength if it does. 


Dont want to deprive them of p and k goin into week 5. 

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While i cannot maybe pin point the problem, i would suggest still using both canna a+b together. Otherwise you may have some speckled hens!


If you think it is a little too hot then just pull back ever so slightly on the amount, see it through to the end and make a mental note.  


You look on track for nice flowers though! Any drastic actions could have a negative impact on your end product , so softly softly, catchee monkey :hippy:


Good luck! :lucky:

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