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Planning new grow

Probably a bit early to start a thread but got no one else to talk to growing about :pitchfork:


Should be getting a grow going in the next couple of months (hopefully by December) Very excited. Thought I’d just make a thread to get some input. 


Thinking of using a new tent but all the same equipment equipment so I have more leeway when it comes to environment and lights aren’t so close together and intense. CLast grow flopped towards the end but produced some nice buds especially the c99! They didn’t have bag appeal which I don’t care for, the highs are very nice. 


Going to attempt notill again, going to run some quicker flowering strains first to test the mix then put the soil into bigger material pots and onto Sativas. This place will be more permanent hopefully. 


Going to KISS use a simple mix  worm castings, compost and some amendments which I’ve got left from the previous grow. I previously used biobizz vermicompost but now realise it is sterile so will order some more from the bay. I really want to use some leaf litter but really worried about bringing in pests. 


Should be ordering seeds next week. I want to run some fast flowering plants first, to get some different smoke and make hashes and also to test the soil. I’m thinking of trying some of the newer strains, some growerschoice genetics the zkittzo, blue gelato, and a couple of ace seeds strains like kali China. Maybe an auto xxl. I want to try different strains and understand how they grow differently and what not. I don’t really care for the strains but want to make sure I have environment and soil tuned before I start running 14 week+ sativas


Also planning on mixing it up a bit and seeing what works for my environment and soil. I’m using 25l pots so going to put 2 in some. Think it maybe a challenge training but will be an interesting excersise. I scrogged quite a big last time and defoliated massively don’t plan to do any this time so a little concerned about stretch.

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Yes - get it done - we need more no till here!!! :sorry: Deffo get the sphagnum peat moss in if you can mate. That'll be dead hot otherwise. You can always add to a light mix, you can't take it out so easily!

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