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Amsterdam Coffee Shops Oct '18

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I did a coffee shop review in
Dec  2015 which was my first visit to Amsterdam. Just had a good couple of days with the wife and a mate who's never been before. Here's a list of where we went and what we got .
Obviously all the prices are euros.



Bulldog Rockshop - top of singel canal.


Power Plant hash 1g for 10
Nice bit of black squidgyness, lovely smoke


Gorilla Glue #4 - 1g for 12
Wasn't as good as I thought it might be. Nice smell but not a hitter


Mango 1g for 12
A nice smoke, middling sort of stone, did not taste of mango


Red Leb hash 1.1g  for 10
Now we're talking. Lovely bit of hash, really good stone, felt it behind my eyes lol


Tangerine  hash 1g for 12
Nice smoke, nice stone and fluffed up well when heated


Parvati hash 1g for 13
My favourite hash, squidgy and peppery , strong stone


Super Polm hash 2g for 12
Again a lovely bit of hash. Great value and very reminiscent of old school slate, good stone


Pre-rolled Skunk joint for 5
Nice and smooth, very good stone



The Store , formerly the Doors - next to Bulldog R/Shop


Blueberry Crumble 1g for 14
Nice smell and taste, good stone


Ketama hash 2g for 10
Great value and an old school high and taste


Morrison Haze 1g for 10
Not a big haze fan but this was ok


Jack Herer 1g for 10
Very smelly, a lovely stone, very relaxing


Ketama hash  2g for 10
I like this one a lot. Good value and a good stone


Somari Candy 1g for 13
It was ok, nothing special



Popeye - Haarlemmerstraat


Super Silver Haze 1g for 14
This was probably the nicest haze I've ever had. Very smooth smoke, lovely head high


OG cheese 1g for 15
Very nice smoke, great taste, grinds up really well


Black Bombay hash 1g for 8
Good taste and stone, very cheap


Popeyes Cream hash 1g for 13
A reasonable hash , middling stone


Shoreline 1g for 16
This was the best weed I had, wonderful taste and one of the very few that tastes as it smells when smoking. Really skunky, good smack in the face



Green House - Haarlemmerstraat


Critical Cream hash  1g for 10
Nice hash, good taste and stone


Cheese 1g for 15
Good smell and taste, nice stone


Strawberry Banana 1g for 12
This was ok, just a generic smoke really, not very fruity


Cream Gelato hash 1g for 7
Great value, really soft, no heat needed to crumble, lovely stone


OG Cheese 1g for 15
Ok smoke, ok stone, nothing special


Amnesia hash 1g for 7
Great value, taste and smoke very good


Pre rolled Cheese joint for 5
Very smooth, great taste and high



Dampkring - Haarlemmerstraat


La Confidential 1g for 13
Very good smell, smoke and stone


Ketama 1g for 9
Lovely hash and a very good stone


Jack Herer 1g for 9
Nice smoke and stone, very good taste 



Amsterdamned - formerly Picasso's


Amnesia  hash 2g for 10
Great value, taste and high


Pineapple Kush 1g for 10
Fruity, nice smoke


Pre rolled Orange bud joint for 6
Nice and smooth taste, good stone


Lemon Kush joint for 6
Very smooth, good taste and high


G13 Mr Nice 1g for 12
Good stone but just ok smell and taste


Space cake 1 for 6
Gloopy, claggy and very sticky. Lovely mellow stone after an hour or so



Pri d' Ami - Haringpakkerssteeg 3

This was the best place we went for a good relaxing sit down , massive room, loads of sofas, good lighting and music while you get baked. Table service so you don't have to get up often 


Pre rolled joints, 4 each
Super Polm
White Window

All really smooth, lovely tasting and a good stone



De Kroon - Oudebrugsteeg 26


Blueberry 1g for 12
Lovely taste and stone



Resin - Hekelveld


Pre rolled Paki black joint,

their name not mine, and indica joint 4 each

Really tasty and smooth

Blue cheese 1g for 12
Ok taste and smoke, mellow stone




I enjoyed this trip more than my first because the weed was of a better quality than previously. All the hash was wonderful. Due to some health issues we mainly used the coffee shops on the Singel canal and Haarlemmerstraat ,apart from Barney's as its fecking heaving all the time, but I don't think we missed out too much.
We tried 42 different weeds and hashes , €425 shelled out and had a really good time over two and a half days. 14.2 grams of various hashes stowed away on my person unbeknownst to me.

That's it, the wife is done with the Dam but me and my mate are saving up for a lads, 50+, few days next year. 

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Fuck me! Anyone remember when weed used to be super cheap in amsterdam back in the days of guilders. Didn't you used to be able to get over 3g in a 25 guilder bag?

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I remember Red Leb 3g for 12 Guilders but that was in the 80's

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@tom68 thanks for taking the time to write up those notes. Very helpful to those heading over.

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Yep it all changed big time after the guilder was axed. And now the prices for these so called Cali strains is crackers, the buds all look weird to me too, maybe there using PGR ? or perhaps that's how buds look when you use a mechanical trimmer? People are  getting ripped off, €36 a G for some of that tin shit. Give me a soaring Haze any day  . Heading over again 24th- 27th December , hoping to get a nice hotel , hit up Katsu, Paradox and YoYos , eat  and drink in Cafe de Klos , hopefully run in Vondel if it ain't snowin . Not a big Christmas fan so though this would get me away from it a bit 

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I havent been for over 10 years now, even then the prices just kept going up each time I went, one hash was like 40euros a gram, crazy 


I agree guilders were way better for value back in the day

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Went for the first time in 91 and about twice/three times a year for the next 15 years or so, changed a lot and not for the better over that time but I still love the place, weed not even the primary reason for going over the past ten years or so, just a great city. 

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Gets me how folk who haven't been or been for ages slag Amsterdam for how shit everything is yet we have tom68 having a pretty good time with plenty of nice smoke


Nice one mate


If you look you find :)



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Ummmmm ive never been to Amsterdam :unsure: lol


Whenever i tell people that who know me there like wtf YOU haven't been !! i will remedy that next year though ! great little list OP :yep:


Farmer G 

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Kadinsky used to have a hawaiian haze. It was amazing. Dont know what the genetics were, no one could ever tell me. Went white once, being greedy. Smoked back to back bongs of hawaiian haze & king hassan sprinkled on top. Game over ! 

Great memories in the dam. 

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Well, ive just split from the Mrs and decided to book myself three nights away for a treat going solo. Not the first time Ive been but Im hoping for  slightly more, shall we say "unique" experience. Will be popping along many a coffee shop before going out at night so this has been a helpful little tool. 


If anyone else has been recently ad has any recommendations coffee shop/weed wise or good nightlife I am all ears. 

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Mate, if you ain’t booked your flights yet, I’d go barca if you looking for quality scene at moment & you never been. Though I do love the dam too. 

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Ive already booked it, the weed is not the reason im going to the dam, just a handy convenience. Im going for an adventure/rave, it was a toss up between dam and berlin but given that im only stopping three night ive decided not to spend it all off my face stuck in berghain/kitkat from thursday to sunday.


Dam is the sensible option and im still going to be getting up to some rum stuff I reckon.


The plan is to use my overwhelming charisma and charm and see where it takes me, with a bit of luck a house party in the early hours. Im not up for touristy nights out in commercial clubs with pissed up brits but ill skank away with some locals at an underground house or DnB night.


I have little to no plan other than to find cool people and see where that takes me

Edited by blackpoolbouncer
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first couple of times I visited Amsterdam I used to start my day breakfast at barny's, last time I went they had stopped doing breakfast had to get stoned on an empty tum.

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