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Nute Burn Help

Hi Guys ok looks like I've given my girls Nute Burn.


Basically what happened I went to my local hydro shop & asked for some organic nutrients for flowering they recommended Bio Bloom by biobizz I did ask what the ratio's were they just said go on their website all the info is on there.


So I went to biobizz website where they recommended 5ml per 1 litre of water so off I went & made a watering can full & watered my girls thinking I was giving them a nice feed.


Afterwards I was browsing on here & I cam across the thread OT's recommendation which was 1ml for growing & 2ml per litre when flowering so in a panic I went out & watered them again hoping to flush out or thin out what I had made up I also decided I wasn't going to water them for a few days & keep a close eye on them looking for signs this was Monday. 


Went to take a look this morning & to give them a shake to get the morning dew off them & I noticed some of the small lower leaves have actually turned yellow & shrivelled up but some of the larger leaves further up have classic nute burn signs where the tips have turned yellow & some have gone brown & shrivelled up at the tip too.


Its not really bad but that might be as its just starting but is there anything I need to do to stop this or might it just be best to leave it to work itself through but keep a close eye on them?


Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.


PS. how do I add photo's please?



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sorry mate dove in there not actually realising i was in guerilla section....:doh:

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Ok worked it out thank you grotbags 


Heres some pics of the leaves which I suspect is Nute Burn 



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If you peel the label off the biobizz bottle it's got all the ratios written in the instructions. Thought the hydro shop would have told you that. Most of them ain't got a clue anyway. 

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