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Been loitering for a while

Hi all, as the title says I've been loitering around these parts for a while, and there's a wealth of information and knowledge here.

i used to grow back in the mid 90's with some friends, hydro in rock wool. but as they do,  things went sour and i got out. 

fast forward to about a month ago when another friend said have you seen the micro grows in pc cases (wtf said i). so after many hours of research and deliberation i purchased some equipment to start my own stealth/micro grow. Well not so micro and mainly inspired by operation bonsai.


the equipment purchased consists of 

50x100x50 propagation tent

4" carbon filter/fan/acoustic ducting

2x 600w blurple leds (cheap ebay spesh)

20l smart pots  (cut down to 5-6l)


nutes Buddha's tree organicus 99

I haven't got space for a larger tent so the plan is to grow autos  LSTing the crap out of them keeping them low and wide.

The main aim is to be self sufficient, sick of shit weed, shit deals ect..... 


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I'm a fuckwit.

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welcome and good luck :yep:

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