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Botrytis Cinerea, DEFEATING our arch enemy

Uk and similar nothern climates


Lets start a discussion on different methods of killing and preventing this horrible mold from sucking the life blood from our favourite annual.  As growers from the north it is our duty to find ways of completely erradicating this problematic fungus from our gardens. Ive seen alot of people say it is not possible to completely stop this disease but with advances in bioscience such as creating new heart tussue from DNA cells and advances in technology in general , why should we except this as gospel ? Anything is possible , so i will list the known ways of prevention you may already know ,  

1. Potassium bicarbonate folair spray 

2. Sodium bicarbonate folair spray.

3. I seen a youtube video of a guy who has an automatic pure water sprayer system that chases itself , one sprayer sprays acid water and the other alkaline water ( the high ph doesnt allow spores to germinate ) , this is an interesting method.

4. Newer mold resistant early finishing genetics that finishing in the stronger UV rays of late summer.

5. Not watering at night time and removing summer mulch coming into fall , keeping the area beneath clean.

6. LST , pruning from better airflow.

7. Planting only in a semi open space with a mild wind protection so wind can evenly hit the plants ( this one is a hard one due to security issues and if its too windy it can cause moisture loss in the plant tussue) 

8. Not letting the plant break , snap off arms , get cuts or any open wound that will let this bastard mold in. Easier said than done. 

9. Bacillus subtilis , beneficial friend that attacks the mold used as a folair spray they colonise the plant surfaces.

10. Shaking the plants after heavy rain ( this one has issues as if it rains a few times in a week , visiting too often can created trails ect. ) .

11. Defoliating for better airflow ( in flowering , more fan leaves in veg makes for more plant growth , this topic is debated) 

12. Good solid sun exposure as the sun drops coming into the fall , helps dry them flowers off in the morning sun , but obviously we pesky humans cant control the sun , yet. 

13 . Trichoderma soil drench at the start of flowering , and at the start of the life cycle ( symbiotic relationship just like mycorrizae which protects the plants from several diseases, a weak plant is more likely to become infected)

14 . Keeping insects at bay with neem oil ect. To stop as many open wounds as possible which become an entry point for B.Cinerea.



Thats what i have found in the pits of research on the topic, if any seasoned outdoor growers on here have anything to add that is tried and tested that would further fuel the complete destruction of this absolute bastard wanker, a world without BC is a world for the ages, it is our duty for future generations , and we shall, suck seed.  Eh, i mean succeed!

Edited by Dr.Dirtbox
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Nice post @Dr.Dirtbox.

Any thoughts on leaf septoria dude? I got fucked big style with that last year, and know a lot of my plants are showing signs of it this. 

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Easier to plant more than you could ever need and take the mould as a loss :) 

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Avoiding or removing other plants that are susceptible to mould.  Particularly any berry bearing plants.


Taking care to avoid cross contamination from existing mould.


Nice thread.


A paper has been written about germination of seeds in aspirin solution to provide systemic immunity to some diseases.  Not sure if it helps regards mould but it's interesting all the same.

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Ive read in one of Ed.Rs books that leaf septoria can be caused by planting in the same area twice , leaves left the previous year can cause it to fester in that area, prevent it by cleaning all fallen leaves and stems   




True that hear you key its a numbers game 





Phoenix   thats interesting i wouldnt of thought of that , some of my spots are inside brambles that bear blackberries in the fall , maybe it would be wise to spray them aswel as the girls with preventive sprays and beneficials , as for the aspirin , some people can have allergic reactions to it that can easily kill them , if one was growing for commerical reasons that wouldnt be ethical , personal smoke and not allergic , dont see why not. 

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