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Quick DWC air pump Q

Single plant in a single bucket (10 litres of nutes).


Is a 3.2 litre/minute air pump too little or just right ? (Can you have too much ?)


Just sorting out some cupboards :)


Cheers all :yep:

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That doesn't sound very powerful tbh, might not be up to the job but give it a try. :)   I have a hailea ACO-300a (240l per minute) running 10 x 10l pots, they were all turned down a bit though. You can fit inline aquarium valves bought from any petshop to turn the airflow down, the non-return valves are also quite handy too, stops water going back into the pump if you have a power cut. If you don't have a non-return valve fitted, always keep the pump above the waterline to stop syphon from occurring if pump fails. :)    You could also floom with a small water pump. :)  


Edited to add - You're talking pennies for those plastic valves and bits btw, just look in an aquarium shop.


Edited again, just checked an it's the 240l model. lol Sorry

Edited by Saddam
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as long as you have movement of the surface water it will do, but id be looking for something a bit more powerfull, in an ideal world.

But if its all you have it will still produce bud,

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