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Different compost Different water cicle

Hi guys how are you ?:smokin:

I want to ask something about miracle grow kind of compost , what happened is : Frist of all I noticed that it's very good in the beginning with small plants cos full of nutrients ... but once they grow and you start try to saturate the pot of water I noticed that water just go through the pot , making alot of run off even if I leave the pot sit a while in the run off ,it still not absorb like for example other compost like bio bizz ... 

An other thing : I need to keep always the pot wet , and if with bio bizz I used water Every  3 days (15 litre pot) with miracle grow I need to water every 2 sometimes 1 ...

What u guy's think about this ,??



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I think you aren't wetting the compost properly/ never have from the get go. 

How much are you watering per time? 


Fyi miracle grow compost is possibly the worst compost you can buy for our job. It is shite mate

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Posted (edited)

You might need a 'wetting agent' as water is not as wet as it could be, meaning if you apply it to very dry compost it can just run out of the pot without getting the compost wet.


A few drops of washing up liquid in your feed should do a much better job as the surface tension is reduced and it will re-wet your compost much better.


That or you could let the pot sit in a few inches of water for half a day until it starts holding water again.


EDIT : also you need at least 10% of the water you put in the top to run out of the bottom each time you water to make sure you get all the compost wet and reduce salt buildup.

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Honestly I don't see miracle unriched compost so bad a part the fact that take a bit to get wet and to the water get through the pot... My plants are green and healthy only the bubble kush wich flower now has bit of yellow leaf but nothing to searius... But I'm not a pro... So I may be very wrong.... 

Here it's some pictures bdw... 

I'm try to water in 2 step in 20 min of different in the big pot I usually water 2 litre at the time... And I leave the pot in the run off for like 30,min... large.0_IMG_20180602_103336.jpglarge.0_IMG_20180602_103338.jpglarge.0_IMG_20180602_103339.jpglarge.0_IMG_20180602_103328.jpglarge.0_IMG_20180602_103252.jpglarge.0_IMG_20180602_103247.jpglarge.0_IMG_20180602_103332.jpglarge.0_IMG_20180602_103234.jpg


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1 bubble kush 

1 Royal cheese 

1 gorilla glue 

1 girl scout 

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Not really much point in taking pictures with the lights on. It gives no perspective of the real colour of the plant therefor members are not in a position to give sound advice



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Yeeh you right I was more focus to show the pot size... I have got 2 size of pot 

12 litre and 10 litre... 

I will try to make better pictures... Later on... 

Thanks mate

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