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In what order would you mix this?

Hey guys wondering if anyone could shed some light. I know this is the hydro section, I’m actually growing in soil. What order would I mix these in to avoid lock out?


Shogun Katana Roots


Humbold Nutrient Master A&B as my base

Shogun Calmag

Shogun Silicon


thanks in advance!

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Are you using all of them at the same time? You shouldn't need all that, especially in soil.

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silicone first, then base nutes, then roots then cal mag, then formulex, but like bear says, I wouldn't be using all that, id just use base nutes and silicone, and only cal mag if it showed deficiencies

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personally i dont use any veg feed when in compost as potting up regularly there is no need,they get everything they need from the compost. 

so maybe if you must, just the roots and silicon while in veg...

final pot up just before 12/12 then just bloom feed from 2 weeks flower,one feed of calmag at 3 weeks bloom(no silicon or roots in bloom)then bloom feed alternating with plain water till a week from finish for me.

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Always add additives first, and then add base nutrients until required E.C has been reached. 

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