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Marthur Ix

Seedsman indoor contest - C99 X Blueberry fast

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Potted them up today for some reason I forgot a root shot of plant three lol.. I treated canna prof coco with charge. when I watered them in I used Biosys then Remo  Velokelp, micro, magnifical and grow @EC 1.0.  PH 6.0.  I will raise the EC on the next watering..


Plant one C99 X BB .




Plant two. C99 X BB 




Plant three C99 X BB 




Plant four C99 X BB 




Plant five C99 X BB








in in the cupboard...




Thats it for now till next time take it easy...:oldtoker:

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looking great.. nice work!!

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Bit of transplant shock and big hungry .. So I gave them a feed using Remo nutrients Velokelp, micro, magnifical and grow @ EC 1.6. PH 6.0.  We shall see how they respond over the next few days ...


C99 X BB one .




C99 X BB Two..




C99 X BB Three...




C99 X BB Four....




C99 X BB Five.....




how owe the look under the two 75w Grownortherns ...




thats it it for now till next time take it easy....:oldtoker:

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looks like they very uniform ..

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Aye and bit underfed :cowboy:

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Fed them today at an EC 1.2 PH 6.0 ..Used Remo Velokelp, micro, magnifical and grow... Hopefully this will fix it , root development good on four out of the five, maybe one runt .. All get same food etc...


C99 X BB one ..




C99 X BB two ..




C99 X BB three...




C99 X BB four ....




C99 X BB five.....




under the 150w of light ...




Thats it for now till next time take it easy.....:oldtoker:

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