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Thanks again for your replies guys...I love this site :hippy:


I won't be adding any extra additives as this is my first attempt and I didn't want to complicate things further. All I have feed wise is the GHE 3 part Flora series.

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Feed is something I dont think I have given enough thought to in the past....RDWC shows up any deficiencies really quickly.... when hyper-airated conditions are present it is multiplied a lot.

The mantra of 'less is more' is something im still getting my head round.

Im finding information on optimum NPK levels through stages of growth in RDWC weak at best....

(if im wrong please post it or point me in the direction....its bugging the hell out of me :oldtoker:)



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On ‎18‎/‎05‎/‎2018 at 5:01 PM, UnderMirkwood said:

What I meant was, do I mix up enough nutrient solution to fill the entire system? When I say reservoir I mean the bucket that feeds the rest of the buckets, not a seperate water butt.


So do I just top this bucket up with nutrient solution while monitoring the EC and PH levels? Or do I change the entire solution/all the water every time the EC/PH changes?



Yes, to start with,  just fill the system with water.

add silicone

add A

add B

Add cal mag if needed

ph down.

check ph and EC are what you want them to be.

Check again in an hour.


that's your system sorted, but like I said, always leave some time between each of the steps above, like 10 minutes say.


Then the plants will start drinking the water nutes mix, especially when the roots get out the bottom of the net pot.

I mark my res at the height where the water is just touching the underside of the net pots. this will then let me know how much it has dropped by.

When topping up the level, I use water, which I mix in just base nutes = A and B, and ph it down to 5.8 or whatever.

I mix up a 25 litre drum of this mix, and leave it beside the res, so it isn't freezing cold when you add it, or it can shock the root system and slow the plants down.

At the minute (just about to flip) my system is going thru 25 litres every day or 2 , but your system will probably have less volume, so you wont need this much.

So top up the res till it hits the mark (bottom of nets), and then leave it a while and re-check the ph and ec, and adjust to suit, if needed. 

Hope this makes sense. it does to me, but just ask if you are not sure.


And like Zen-Ken says, do not over feed, they don't need it. the aereation in the mix means that the plant uptakes more of the nutrient.


As a rough guide start at 0.4EC, then check if they are needing more etc. im at 0.7EC after 5 weeks veg if it helps, but its all strain dependant.

Look at a few rdwc diaries and see what people use, or if you are stuck, give us a nudge.

There is loads of dwc/ rdwc knowledge on here

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