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Three or four weeks ago I made up some Canna butter using raw virgin coconut, touch of lecithin and coconut milk. It all worked very well, took about four hours. We batch tested it for a couple of weeks stirring it into hot Soya lattes and made up around a hundred "00" size capsules using a capsule machine and a 12ml syringe. 

when it came to repeating the process we wanted to try a larger size capsule so we invested in another capsule maker ( a "0" Size that makes 25 a go). Melting the waxy emulation into an oil, letting it cool, filling the caps, putting them back in the fridge to harden up (half done ) then pressing the two halves back together using the maker machine. 

I'm being deliberate with this because pretty much it all went to pot , sticky mess with crushed caps and grease all over the shop.

The instructions on the maker tell you not to let the capsules pick up moisture as they swell and get stuck in the little holes. So we tried using the deasicating pouch they provide. No go still got stuck. And then worst of all, the individually made numbers started to melt after a couple of minutes, one even burst and squirted out the contents. Not good. Quite funny, but not good. 

So what shall i do? Try another capsule brand? Try the non vegetarian type?  I'd prefer the product to be vegan friendly. First batch using tge "00" size came off well, no problems, should I go back to that size? Does any one have some experience with making canna capsules using tge maker machines? We're happy with the dose rates they provide and it keeps things nice and discreet.








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Well i sorted it. Make small batches. Use the capsule maker gadget but just make up the first row, which is ten on mine, then stick em in a Tupperware tub in the fridge.

What I like about it is that taking one is a very gentle background thing four gets a bit more involved. A teaspoon in a soya latte is bananas.


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I was just wondering how the canna caps are going?  You still doing then?

I'm planning on making them in the new year.  I'm looking to make coconut oil caps with high cbd.

What sort of quantities do you use?  Recreational or medicinal?

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