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The Sheriff of Nottingham

Automatic Airborne Assault 2018

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Okay, so the bottle autos are doing great. The OG Kush CBD auto will be chopped in the coming days and has done really, really well. Plenty of buds covered in crystals on this thing. She looks different to the one I grew last year as well. Can't fault it one bit though!







The Bubba Kush auto is still a week or two away yet, but is doing fine...  considering she lost her main coala due to the nitrogen burn. The coala just died so I removed it. The ferts were way too strong so I hold my hands up. Like the OG Kush CBD though, lots of bud sites and side branches on this Bubba still so it's all good. These two should give me a decent yield considering they are my 'early' autos. 





The focus is fucked on my camera so it's hard to get decent close ups as it just blurs. Hence why most shots aren't close ups. 


The Sour D auto is looking great. She is about 2-3 weeks into flower now and still putting on size and side branches. I can tell this one is going to be a cracker. I think she might finish bigger than the C+ 2.0 auto I did in the basket last year. I reckon she has another 4-5 weeks to go. Really can't wait for this one though. More so than any other plant I have going this year.











Despite the baking hot heatwave and drought conditions, the slugs have still managed to get to one of the plants. The Quick Kush has been hammered in the past few days. It was the biggest of the 3 plants, but it has had it's main growing point eaten completely fucksake. I have gone slug pellet crazy now. It should recover, but it is a bit of a setback seeing as it will begin flowering in a few weeks now that we are in July already.




Critical+ 2.0 auto



Quick Critical



Quick Kush (slug attack)




Blue Kush auto (10 days old - cornfield bound)




White Widow XXL auto (10 days old - cornfield bound)





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A small update...


Harvested the OG Kush CBD auto at around 9 weeks. She is currently drying. I notice this one has a very fruity, almost bubblegum like smell. The one I did last year was more 'kushy'. Can't wait to sample her, either way. Could have done better with this, if it wasn't grown in a 1.5L drinks bottle and nute burned lol 






Side branches drying outdoors, with the main coala in the cupboard.




The Bubba Kush auto is still around a week or so from finishing. I can see this one going a good 11 weeks. 








Oh and we have 'lift off' in the cornfield... Blue Kush auto and White Widow XXL.





The other plants are doing well. The Sour Diesel auto is really coming along now. I think she will be ready in about 3 weeks. I'll get some pics of the Sour D on my next plot visit as I got spooked by a helicopter flying over low and dashed out before stopping for pics, in case I got spotted.



The Quick Kush that got munched is recovering, but still looks a bit of a mess. Although she has been topped by the slugs so she is growing outwards more.


The Quick Critical is doing it's thing, although not growing quite as vigorously as the tried and tested Critical+ 2.0 auto which is going into growth overdrive. It was my best auto last year, and the strongest auto I have grown yet... will it be a repeat again this year? 





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The Bubba Kush auto in the 2L bottle has been chopped today, meaning she went a good 11 weeks...







Trimmed some of these buds up...




And now drying...




A few more pics from the other day...


White Widow XXL



Blue Kush auto



19 days old...



Sour D auto




Critical+ 2.0 auto



Quick Critical



Quick Kush



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Alright there @The Sheriff of Nottingham


When I heard about this growing up trees malarkey I thought you were on to a winner, perhaps with a bit more prep you can smash it next time.


Tho that said it was nice to see some more ladies out in the ground :yep: hopefully they take right off.


Take it easy.Jj:yinyang:



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Cheers mate @Jibba jabba


Yeah I made the mistake of being naive this year, to think that slugs and snails couldn't reach the hanging baskets. They didn't last year, but this year they managed to get to them. The little slimy sods got 2 of my 3 baskets. That Sour D auto is the sole survivor. 


I wish I put pellets down to begin with, but now I know to use slug/snail protection from the get go next year. I don't have to worry about cages though, as deer, rabbits, badgers etc obviously aren't a problem for a basket in the trees. It's all just a bit of fun as well doing these basket grows lol 

Take care mate. 

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Sour Diesel auto (63 days from seed)




Sour Diesel side branch



I reckon I have another 7-10 days left to go on this Sour Diesel auto. Hard to say at the moment though, as it could be less. Or more. I know it is going to fatten up a lot more in the coming days now. And the trichomes are piling on. We are at 8 weeks now, but I will probably try to push it to 10 weeks, weather and mould permitting. I anticipate an August 1st harvest on this.


Critical+ 2.0 auto (25 days old)




Quick Critical (25 days old)



Pre-flowers are starting to appear on the Quick Critical, during week 4. This should finish by mid September. 


Quick Kush (25 days old)



This Quick Kush well ahead of the Quick Critical in terms of flowering. She is behaving almost like an auto, going into flower around week 3-4, but the growth has been very vigorous, despite a fairly severe slug attack on this Quick Kush, just 2 weeks ago. She is doing very well. I am anticipating an early-mid September harvest on this, when you factor in the flowering duration. 




I think because these 'early' strains weren't even germinated until after the summer solstice, it has meant that the declining light hours has put them into flower nice and early. Almost too early, given the late start. If they were germinated in early May (instead of late June), they would have got 8 weeks veg instead of 3, and they probably would have started flowering a week or so before these ones, in early-mid July. But it was a late release by Dinafem, as in late on in the season, so the start date was not in my control. Nonetheless, I can report that these are doing well. They're probably only getting 4 hours of direct sunlight a day as well, so they are doing pretty darn well... @Dinafem-Mark


And now onto the cornfield...


Blue Kush auto (21 days old)



White Widow XXL (21 days old)



The Blue Kush auto and WW XXL are really thriving in the cornfield, with supplemented hand watering. Every year the cornfield always produces. Both are already well into flower, and I wouldn't be surprised if they end up my best plants of the season. Not bad for 21 days old. These will easily double in size in the next fortnight. Looking at an early-mid September finish on these. 


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