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Moobman gets shwifty in the greenhouse

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Just now, B.T.Y82 said:

That Bubba Kush looking good man 


Weathers about to change soon so watch out for mold mate 

Every greenhouse grow I've done ended in a battle with the dreaded mold (bad strain choice on my behalf tbh)




Love a good greenhouse grow 



Yeah i have my eye on this weekends weather bubba kush is supposed to be prone to mould around this stage of flowering will be chopped in around 5 - 10 days so im hoping she stays strong.

To be honest i have used the greenhouse one night this year and thats all its been to hot! 

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Posted (edited)


bad weather next few days going to be  chopping the amnesia. Cant decide whether to chop this bubba or not ??? So close to finishing but my greenhouse is broke and leaking from the roof didn't realise until the rain came and its also mould prone. The blue kush has to be risked its just not done 




Tough call i just cant make up my mind ! Just 5 days of sun and i think she would be done 

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Added stuff
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A few nice buds from a little plant sandwiched in a pot 


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Posted (edited)



so im actually really disappointed with the aroma of the bubba kush there's virtually nothing to it! I mean it was a week early and we've all grown strains that need that final week for the smell to come through and be on point but this is just pathetic. The buds are nice and dense and would of been even better ill give it a few weeks in jars and report back but atm this strain seems pointless to outdoor growers ill still run a few beans next year in smaller pots to see if i get better phenos but not as a mane crop harvest. However the original amnesia, blue kush, critical 2.0 and all other dinafem autos have smelled fantastic

Edited by Moobman
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