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how to get my seeds to open

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On 4/23/2018 at 6:33 AM, Micky3651 said:

I’m kind of wishing I went this way now lol I popped mine in pots on Saturday evening and no sign so far and planting them straight in I’m blind, hopefully I’ll see the first signs of life soon...



I've stopped using paper towels and just put the seeds directly into root riots plugged into rockwool cubes with a plastic sandwich bag over them for humidity on a window sill. Patience is needed but they always work after a few days.

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On 24/04/2018 at 0:33 PM, SevernValleySavant said:

I find it quite interesting that on this site, some people can ask great detailed questions and get nothing, while other people spend £££ on set-ups without even knowing how to sprout fucking seeds and they come on here to ask the question that's been asked on here a million times, that can be answered with a quick google, and they get 2 admins and every veteran member under the sun come and answer, photos and everything.



I would say the level in confidence in answering correctly....bad advice is quickly rebuked....people like to help tho....or am I just a hippy


:hippy: :yinyang: 

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