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Paradise Seeds Medical User Program

Tens of thousands of medical patients are denied cannabis as a medical treatment because it is illegal in their respective countries. We believe that it is a human right to be able to grow medical cannabis for personal consumption, and over the years we have learnt that Paradise strains are used by patients all over the world to help alleviate symptoms of numerous conditions. 


Recently we launched the Paradise Seeds Medical User Program, giving all medical users 50% OFF the price of the full range of Paradise Seeds varieties.  By heavily subsiding the cost of medical cannabis seeds, we feel we are taking another step in the direction towards worldwide legislation of medical Cannabis. 


Paradise Seeds is committed to the medical cannabis cause and have a proud history of activism and collaboration.large.med_icon_500x500.jpg Paradise Seeds strains are grown by companies producing medical cannabis under license from the Canadian Government and Government supported grow projects in South America. Paradise is also a main sponsor of the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour which raises money for research into cannabis as a potential cancer treatment.  
To qualify for the Paradise Seeds medical program, users will need to supply ID and relevant medical documentation (such as prescription, medical card or doctor’s recommendation). The offer is available to those growing for personal use and is bound by national restrictions regarding the import of seeds. More details are available on the Paradise Seeds website 



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Having read through this thread and over your website It looks like a great deal for many people. The fact your even trying really is great and your efforts will be immensely appreciated by many I'm sure.


However, those of us who are long term disabled and quite severely unwell cannot work, and havnt worked for decades so even half price is not achievable when it comes down to either buying food for the family or buying cannabis seeds.


If people are genuinely so unwell or disabled that they can document and prove it to you, wouldnt it be better to allow free access to your strains, maybe 25 seeds every 6 mths (roughly 2 grows) in return for simple diaries and maybe ask them to show loyalty to your brand for that period in return? 


Free seeds to genuinely unwell growers would show people you understand that the true medical grow scene is not about money, its about helping those who need it out of compassion and understanding at a grass roots level.


Im well aware of the efforts your making in a variety of areas regarding medicinal Cannabis but when that's all broken down to its basics, it's simply about sick,disabled and unwell people who badly need help as the mainstream medicines are simply not working.


Im under no illusions that medical cannabis will be increasingly, and no doubt extremely financially rewarding to those who see it as an opportunity but it doesn't have to be completely about that.


Running a program such as the one your proposing but without any cost at all could show some real understanding of how hard it is to grow for someone who's severely physically and mentally unwell without raising the issue of money at all, the goodwill and karma generated would spread widely and quickly so you'd need to be firm on who qualifies, and rightly so, but you would then be the only company in the world to offer that opportunity to sick and disabled Human beings who are suffering and just need a hand to stay well.


Members here who genuinely grow for medical use quickly find help from the various breeders with active boards here, and those companies are routinely handing out free seeds for competitions, testing or just to help, not solely for medical reasons, but in effect they know many of us are only growing them for that and those seeds are a real lifeline to members who live a life of pain, depression, sickness and desperation year after year for decades.


To have a company that stands up and simply says....


"Being involved in many Global areas regarding Medical Cannabis and it's growing use. We are fully aware of how tough life can be for many of you out there. So if you come and talk to us, and you can prove your disabled,mentally ill, suffering from a long term disease, physical limitations or a terminal condition even, we will try to help you because we want to, and we want to do it for free for 6 months at a time"


You'd have to have limited numbers for sure but some people finding free help is better than no one finding it.


I hope you understand that this isn't a dig, it's just a post from someone who's really quite unwell in several serious ways and whose  growing relies solely on the compassion of others already and I value that relief immensely. To be able to have gone directly to a company that may be able to have helped would have been amazing when I had to return to growing.


It's simple really so why not?


Have a good weekend people.


***id like to add that I won't be applying at any point as I've been lucky in finding support from the many kind people here at UK42O already but I hope it helps others in whatever way it goes forward, peace guys.





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