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So...... Roll annuvver one, just like the other one, you bin hangin' on to it, and I sure could use a hit.

Ahem! As we were.....




Alrite, mate? Too spangled to go into this. But I got more about this. Horses?  Are easy to round up ;)


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Don’t bogart that joint my friend 

pass it to me

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On 18/02/2018 at 9:06 AM, phenom said:

it would make it easier for people like me ( disabled in a wheelchair) to get hold of it i find it extremely hard to get hold of and i think if it is legalised we might get a shop so at least i can buy it  

I can relate to this, its difficult to approach people especially if you not from the area

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I am in to support the legalisation of weed; but for us to make progress on this, our corrupt politicians should get their brains WEEDIFIED politically.

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