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Critical Theory

I'm quite new to critical theory and learning so much. It gives me the language to articulate my beliefs as I'm terrible at describing my ideas and thoughts.


Wondering if anyone else is interested in critical theory? Have any recommendations. 


Just found Henry Giroux a couple of days ago. The way he talks and language he uses is great. His lecture where is the outrage is good.

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Looks interesting.


Unfortunately Im too shallow to discuss the finer points - joking aside, whats he say ?



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I must admit I spend far too much time on it. Like anything that gets you going. I've been reading critical essays an OU book on C20 poetry since Xmas. Also spent getting on to be 25-30hours catch up on Terrance McKenna, the twenty year gap since he was active gives a useful hindsight and listening over you get to filter out the shpiels from the ideology, if that's what it is. What I like is the sense of community, the psychedelic community of the late 90's, and how the bottom line ends up being the felt experience of the present moment, what empowers the individual in caught in the momentum of culture. I wish I'd paid more attention back then but then there wasn't an internet to speak of and all I'd read was a hand me down copy of Trialougues at the edge of the West. 

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Critical Theory..... AKA Common Sense. (Disclaimer: apprently not so common). lol

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I disagree. Critical theory is NOT the same as critical thinking. Critical Theory, Frankfurt School etc is what spawned extreme social justice activism, militant gender politics etc and other useless and dividing ideas. Critical thinking is what I would turn on Critical Theory to expose it.

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