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Who pays these crazy prices?

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On 22/07/2018 at 1:10 PM, potato1356 said:

I can't believe it, but finally the fun strains are coming through with great quality at reasonable money in our neck of the woods! 

The thing I love about the newer stuff is the different terp profiles - so different to what I've been used to, and fun to explore more of the green goddess - 

got an oz of Lodi Dodi and Space Candy for 300 - sealed (but not vacuum packed), with boveda's, no PGR's (obvious taste, smell, look and feel when they're present!), and the smoke is so so so smooth. 

Lodi smashes my head off - instant sledgehammer with smooth banana peel and earth tones. the Lodi smells of PURE banana, I've never had a banana terp like this before! 

space candy is more of an obvious spicey sweet pine with a creeping high - great euphoric vibes. 

finally this american hype seems to be dropping a bit if you know the right people - fuck paying £100 an 1/8th hahahaha I dont know how people can sleep at night paying that....

and the best part is - one healthy looking seed came out of the space candy bud, I hope I get a couple more :D 


As for seeds that are great that aren't stupid money, I'd really recommend the Cali connection gold line - £90 retail or £60 with wholesale and delivery.... 

Cali connection seedbank has given me nothing but gorgeous massive plants 100% of the time.

How was the taste ? I think finding a pheno that tastes like the smell and leaves that taste on you lips after you have exhaled is the hard part. Ive had loads of bud that smells like bananas and berries but when you take a of it it tastes bland and boring.


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2 hours ago, Oceanwisdom said:

On a big expensive bed in a big expensive house.

Spat out my tea there :rofl:

1 hour ago, lildaveham said:




Its all about finding something that YOU like. Yeah others may find a nice pheno and want to share the love but everyones tastes and expectations are different. Imo its all about planting as many seeds as possible to find a unique plant that suits my needs fuck anyone else! lol 




Lil d.


oh and fuck paying more than £80 for seeds (regs) its a fooking liberty!! 


I couldn't agree more..... Still searching for that og cindy 99' flavours in a seed or cut!

However, sometimes seeds are worth paying more for - I had some animal cookies that gave me about 40 mystery seeds total from 10 plants or something - I paid over 100 for the first 10, but then got another 30 girls with a few new phenos to mess with - dumb luck sometimes....

I like 303 seeds as well - good prices for mad stuff. Their Jet fuel g6 made me rethink the possibilities of terps....

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@CHAN - the smell is more piney with banana peel, earth and sweet citrus, with the flavour holding a lot more banana peel and earthy tones - definitely not bland or boring, and so smooth you can take big hits off it to really bring on the flavour. It's definitely made my all time top 5 strains, and hits the top 3 for highest quality I've bought over the years. Really want to try this as bho as the flavour would be INSANE, but I could only get an oz....

But, the terp profile everywhere I look for it mentions no banana whatsoever?! EVERYONE who I've smoked it with has instantly picked up on the banana smell and taste, so its definitely not just me....

I've had identical experiences to yours with orange strains - amazing smell, no flavours in the smoke so far! I'm hoping for something yummy with orange candyland soon though....


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