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2017 keepers ? 2018 plan

I've stolen this idea from a very informative thread of a similar name last year . 


My list (s) :


Disco biscuit 

Smellyberry x SweetTooth 

Ginger Bread (Trichome Jungle)

(Found a keeper from each run :yep: )



9lb Hammer 


Killerskunk or Blues 

Orange Bubba 

Several CBD rich strains 

And some subby seeds , I've got Blues x LSD and SOG x Granola funk currently vegging 


Happy holidays and I hope it's a safe and festive time for everyone 


Edited by Breezus
Inc cbd
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I was just pondering the same thing, might as well put it up here..



2017 keepers:


RGSC - Whitey Freeze

Blimburn - Girl Scout Cookies

G13 - Pinapple Express (but i didnt get a cut :doh: )



2018 indoor:


G13 -  White Widow, Pinapple Express

RGSC - Gorrila Haze

Paradise Seeds - Blue Berry Kush

Fucktard (amnesia core x freezland)

Ugorg - Can't fecking decide. All of them.

Subbies Seeds - See above


Also been donated some cut's of high CBD strains. Gonna wait and smoke some of my mates finished buds befor growing them out.




RGSC - DFG, Gorrila Haze, Whitey Freeze, Royal Mazar... See subbies/ugorg

Ugorg - Whatever i end up with inside, will be with a view of sticking some outside too.

Subbies Seeds - Been eyeing up the outdoor selection, but see ugorg.



Hacks - Whitey Freeze, Lemon Haze Auto's, Yellow Widow Auto's.



All subject to change at a moments notice, on the slightest whim.




@Breezus  Blues x LSD sounds dangerous.


Gonna have to get round to sorting out a subsription. Well over due on my part, and the beans are just a brucey bonus :yep:




Nice one,


Tigs :guitar:


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I'll do a smoke report with pics for the subbies pic thread 


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