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Remo Chemo - Operation Germination.

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I must say I'm loving the artistic side you are showing in this diary and even better to see the Remo Chemo are well into bloom and showing some nice crowns forming :bong:


All your grow room parameters are bang on and nutrients must be correct as zero signs of deficiency  :bong:


Perfect work with an artistic touch. Love it :)


Thanks for the dedication mate and for the continued support and updates very much appreciated!


Keep it up, great stuff!!


All the best 



Edited by Dinafem-Mark
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A quick peek into badgers burrow....
















Looking perky ain't they,


happy plants = happy grower = happy human



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6 and 10 I reckon for the goers that'll bring in the weight ;) 


Stunning work in this diary as always bud :v: 

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Looking very perky brother :bong:


Praying to the sky and lots of nice budsites forming  :)


Looking tasty in here and this is only going to get better in the coming weeks :)


Great update as always brother  :yep:


All the best 



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Hey 420,


After a school half term hell week that's been more stressful than the supposedly tough SAS program on TV, today finds me sat here NOT enjoying a teachers training day what the fuck do they actually need training in!? and if they need training so much they shouldn't be teachers yet, fek em!


At least my plants don't argue back or eat all my Tunnock bars like the kids do so I'll get onto them and calm my worn out dad brain.






Today's Monday 19th February and it's flowering day 21. Due to the afore mentioned half term my pictures were actually taken on day 17,thanks to the crazy kids but will update again this week as things have grown alot since then.

As of 13.46 the stats in my tent are as follows....

24hr Temps Max 27.9c Min 20.5c

Current Temp 26.1c

Humidity 48%

It's been a tale of extra stretch since my last update, they seemed to go a few inches,paused a while, and have gone again another 6-7inches.



To fire fight that I've refused to raise my lights unless I absolutely have to. So I've been keeping an eye out for bleaching but all's well and now they've not budged for a few days I think they're set.

In my last Remo grow, they were really thirsty girls and light feeders. This time is no different except as a group and on my rig they are taking 10ltrs in two days from the tank !!!!!! Obviously somes lost to evaporation but sure enough today I stuck my head in and the wife had to top up with two five litre tubs and I think that may increase to 15ltrs shortly.

*WARNING* If you have a water meter you may want to consider a different set up than mine, if your brave enough to try it and sample the madness. Using over 150ltrs a week just for growing may be a little excessive to some but its still 1958 here in West Wilts so meters are at least 40yrs away yet lol







As you can see theres good growth on the roots and it's nice to be able to see them laid out everyday and being able to see how healthy they are is reassuring.



You can see a build up of sludge in places that's from the nutes,when I see that build up I know its time to clean. I do gently wash the roots in a bucket of warm water to remove any heavier build up.






I did a full wash down when taking the photos and just for the record my cleaning runs are like this.....

Plants out,

Remove filter tights,

Add a dose of Peroxide,Pump on and scrub the channels with long handled brush so I can actually do it sitting down,

As it circulates the Peroxide runs through the pump,pipes,air stones etc cleaning those.

Switch the pump of,connect garden hose to it, other end runs to my wet room, switch it on and let it drain. Add some fresh and wash it through to wash the Peroxide out.

Fix the hose to a tap now and refill the tank. Re-connect the feed pipes,job done.

I fill it to 50 litres and this time doses of Guanokalong nutes were as follows...

Grow 30ml

Bloom 50ml

Taste Enhancer 50ml

And Microbe Life Hydroponics....

Photosynthesis Plus 40ml

Vitamins and Amino Acids 40ml

Sure, that's far more nutes and supplements than I've ever used, but on the flip side I have had absolutely no deficiencies of any type for this whole grow and that speaks volumes.





Of course there's a fair while to go yet but I feel confident I can reach the end without any real dramas.

Photos now, remember they were taken a few days back now so are a bit behind really, here they are 1 - 10 .....































The double stretch has somewhat wrecked my nice level canopy and a couple of plants have decided they want to be the topdog but overall alls good and it should even up as the flowers mature.

One slight issue is the contrast between the plants under the Black Dog light and the ones under the Mars Hydro's. If left for more than a week I end up with a canopy mound in the middle dropping away at the edges.

This means I am rotating the plants every few days which may be a bit of a pain but is simple and my set up was designed for it to happen after struggling with that in previous versions.

So there we have it another update reaches its glorious end and I will return with more up to date photos later this week.


Take it easy people.



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Nice steady/stable conditions which is producing some fine looking buds and with such a healthy rootzone I can see why  :yep:


Healthy roots= Healthy plants and that s what we have here  :)


Looking good my friend and love the super trippy pictures  :bong:


Until the next one :)


All the best 



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Hey 420,


As I mentioned in my last update the photos in it were at least 4 days old.


So I've just popped of a flurry of photos for you to take a short tour round a few young buds,here they are,feel free to zoom if you can for trich scan ....




















Next is a side view of one quarter of the canopy, as you can see they're all reaching up to the great god of grow lights....





Lastly is this special little shot. It has not been tweaked,filtered or edited outside of the name. It sure is a beauty even if I do say so myself......





There we go then a quick flit round the buds and it's nice to see good trich production so early on and is a nice sign that I'm doing ok with them.


Next update will be in a few days with a more comprehensive set of images focusing on flower growth.


Take care people.

Edited by Badbadger
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Loving your new set up Badger, lot's of thought and planning gone into it dude, nice one. 3 weeks in and no top feeding eh, looks like you're onto a winner here :)

Hope it runs just as smoothly for you all the way to the chop, the Remos look stunning and very happy indeed.


Top work mate :yep:

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Now we are past the stretch phase those buds are starting to develop really well and trichomeproduction is in overload  :yep:


Looking good brother and as always thank you for the diary update  :bong:


Until next time :bong:


All the best 



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Hey 420,

Things have slipped update wise as I've been every kind of unwell you can imagine and just to top it of my car decided it wanted a new gearbox,thankfully that's a warranty issue but organising it all has been a bitch and I'm not the most sociable human you can meet face to face.

 I'm kind of alright if I can plan ahead and get myself fired up a bit, but anything that comes out of the blue knocks me sideways and turns me into an anxious,panicky mess that makes being involved in the real world difficult and I can come across as a bit of a grumpy bastard but that's just me.... or am I actually a grumpy bastard lol



Judging by how happy they look, my Remo are doing alot better than me though,maybe because I've been distracted and left them alone :)

Today is Saturday 29th February and were at flowering day 33 and as of 11.53am the stats from my tent were as follows...

24hr Temps Max 27.1c Min 21.4c

Current Temp 26.5c

Humidity 48%

Stretch has settled down now and all flowers are set in position. Overall stretch was between 5 and  10 inches across the whole grow so nothing to extreme to cope with and everything's at a comfortable level for final flower height I think.




Trichome production is building well and even little bits of fluff buds are well sugared. Personally I enjoy those little crusty fluff buds and dry them quick to hold that nice fresh weed flavour which smacks you in the mouth when roughly rolled and enjoyed.

Due to a lack of suitable space, my crop is flash dried around my lights and jarred within days, which isnt normal for many of you but I have had no complaints with it,flavour and strength, for me at least, is fine.

However this time round and as I now have matching 1.2x1.2x2m tents,one veg the other flower obv, so I'm able to use the veg tent for drying.



The intake of my flower tent is fed through from my veg tent which is running a 150w CMH for seedlings and two 45w CFL's for sprouts. Its on 24/7 so the temps in it are stable at around 20c. That always warmed air helps my lights of temps to stay in the green zone of 5c difference between lights on/off.

Of course that means I'm now able to dry my crop in a nice warm and softly breezy veg tent not super warm and massive airflow flowering tent. In essence my fan and filter is coping with two tents but it's absolutely fine as I went round and duct taped all the mesh vents and cable tunnels to make sure as much air as possible is drawn through the veg tent and negative pressure in both is great,thanks fan!!!

So now I can comfortably hang 10+ plants without any issues as to aroma loss,i love it but the kids and wife not so much,I have to respect neighbours to so don't take chances. Slowing the drying process down can only increase my happiness in the end product.

As predicted in my last update, fluid uptake has jumped up to the best part of 10 litres a day which my wife has to shift and thats growing daily. As my whole set up is about ease of use it has had me scratching my head a bit to find a way to auto fill the tank so I refill it all once a week. The simple way is to have a second tank that refills the main when needed.



System wise that's not to hard to cheaply build and simple mathematics figures out that..

7 days of 15ltrs on top average is 105ltrs.

An 80ltr main tank + 100ltr back up is 180 litres a week. So that's more than enough and the second tank won't need cleaning so it's a fit and leave thing once fitted.

My initial thoughts are to install the 100 litre holding tank into my veg tent with a hose connected through the O2 intake of my main tent with a small submersible pump, I already have btw, and I could then top up as and when needed without help more than once a week.


As you'll see in a moment my trainings not been 100% succesful and a couple of them have stretched quite hard. I did actually clip one down to only have a pair of big main cola's for me to enjoy, here they are then enjoy.....

























Some of you who can count may have noticed I'm missing a plant or two and it's obvious that at some point I've been somewhat distracted lol

As a small bonus for you lucky readers I've done a few flash shots to highlight the sticky build up further so I welcome you to "Remo - The Crystal Edition"  ......






















and a special pic of my two big cola plant mmmm...




My wife's handmade American pancakes (not packet) are sat here waiting to be demolished,don't worry though theyll still only get covered in fresh Lemon and Demerara sugar not the shite they put on them elsewhere - cream,chocolate,maple syrup blah blah blah lol


So with that I'll sit back,tuck in and enjoy the rest of the athletics.


***Forgot to mention that the Remo ladies are very delicate when it comes to bloom nutes even though they've only had them at very diluted strengths as you can tell by the tip burn that wasn't present until they were fed for bloom.


Some we're affected more than others but generally they're definitely delicate in that way.




@Dinafem-Mark sorry for the delay doing this mate but should be back to more regular from now on,all dramas aside.


One thing though, Having just read back a little bit I noticed @botanics mentions about maybe winning one of those flash Roor bongs. 


The thing is I didn't think this was part of the indoor comp and was just a test grow with a good amount of smoke as my reward.


If I was lucky to have won one of them it would be completely and utterly wasted on me as I cant use them.


Ive always had massive lung capacity even with asthma, which was why I was a great downhill rider before my accident but bongs,pipes etc and probably vapes (havnt tried one) have never been comfortable for me even when I was young. It'd be a waste of a quality item so count me out if this was in it in the first case if you see what I mean lol




Edited by Badbadger
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Buds are looking good Badger ;)  Right on cue these are for a good show mate and the old frost picking up tidy :v: 

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No problem on the delay brother we all get caught up with life issues and you are like me not the best sociable person especially face to face  :)


The Remo are in bulk up mode and trichome production is in full swing and looking dank and frosty  :)


Very impressive trichome production and nice size buds forming  :)


Not to long now mate :yep:


You have done a great job with "operation germination" and I'm sure many new growers will find this guide useful and can see what can be done with this strain if a little patience is applied  :)


Looking great and thank you for the thread update  :)


Until next time brother  :yep:


All the best 



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hey 420,

As has been normal of late, I began writing this on Saturday watching Rugby and munching on my wife's latest bun creation, they're called Rock Toasted Fruit Cake Hot Cross Buns lol! they gather the best parts from them all and delicately delivers them in one mind melting,fruity and buttery little bun.....mmmmmmm.....buns.

My super sticky,stinky,sparkling Remo ( say that after a smoke of Remo) have passed midway on their slow journey into my empty keller jars, but sadly for two of the fine ladies, the end has come early as I bombed out smoke wise. So I looked them over and took the two smallest ones.





If its urgently needed I dry in a tin foil tray sat into the top of a dual radiator, shape the tray and lie it in like this.....




Spread out your smoke evenly......




and 24 hrs later youll have dry smoke that is packed with buckets of fresh weedy flavour, hits like a German Dominatrix on an angle dust binge and makes you wonder why you bother drying and curing at all. Yes it can be a little tickly because of the chlorophyll but it barely registers if the smoke is really resinous......and trust me well grown Remo is more than resinous enough to mask a little roughness.

RIP Number 7 and 3 I will always remember you.




Today is Tuesday 12th March and if my maths are correct we're at flowering day 45. As of 11.09am the stats from my tent were as follows...

24hr Temps Max 27.1c  Min 19.9c

Current temps 25.8c

Humidity 45%

Over the weekend my wife and I did a full strip down and clean of our set up and at last I can say that it's nearly complete as a whole and is making the whole growing process as simple as possible for us.





After 6 evolutions the cleaning process of my set up takes only 30mins to do. Compared with my prior versions, some of which took 4 hours to do, it goes a little something ike this...

Remove all plants.

Add 500ml of simple thin bleach to the tank and set the pumps to run continually.

As its flowing I brush and scrub the gulleys with my own specially designed piece of equipment, the double ended scrubber. It took many hours to design a suitable tool, just look at her dirty bristles the old scrubber..........




It means I can just about reach all of the channels to scrub them myself whilst in my chair. It washes through and back into the tank.

Once the systems ran the bleach through for 15mins I shut it down.I then remove the T section and feed hoses from the pump and attach the draining hose to it before making sure the other ends held steady in my wet room.






I switch of the heater, air feeds and once checked I switch the pump back on and watch the tank drain out.

As it gets down to just enough water to cover the submersible pump my wife tips a few bottles of clean water into the gulleys to flush and rinse them through before running through the drain hose also.

At that point I scrub the hoses,air stones etc in the tank remains and lift them up onto the gulleys.

My wife pulls the tank and gives it a wash in the wetroom before going back in the tent.

I then replace the heater,air pump etc in the tank and refill using the drain hose fitted to a tap.Here it is all cleaned....






I fill it to a 55 litre mark that I measured out to give me a fixed amount to work on nute doses each time.


By the way all DIY is done by my wife so excuse the rough edges and stuff, she tries her best for me and that's all it needs, thanks MrsB.

As I've mentioned before, my plants are basically fed on an always brewing bat guano tea using a few Gaunokalong products and they've done well on it so far. This weeks doses for the tea were as follows ....



The tea bubbles up nicely and usually I don't need to add anything else for the week, but of late and because of the extra refills I've been adding extra when I think they've diluted to far to maintain the health.

Images now, this time round Ive done a few numbered budshots for you, here are some happy flowers.....













































All of those were done on Friday but here's a quick shot of a bud from today "lookin' double frosty bruv's" (as Micky Flannagan would say) .....




As an extra little bonus are a couple of the popcorn buds I slowly remove all through flower as they help focus growth to larger flowers whilst giving a nice extra smoke.....








That's another week gone by and as per usual it's taken far to long to do this but it's there now.

Take it easy people and keep on smiling.


Edited by Badbadger
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Another week has passed and the Remo Chemo are on track for a very nice harvest which is approaching fast :)


I must say the crystal coverage is crazy. Can I ask have you noticed more trichome production with the addition if the LED lighting? 


Nice to see you keeping it organic with guanokalong and gk organics. It's a fabulous line which has always worked well for me :)


As always brother thank you for doing such a detailed update :bong:


Everything in the grow zone like temps and humidity are spot on and zero signs of deficiency in the plant shots. A super healthy looking crop getting closer to harvest every day :)


Will be back in next week or upon the next update  :)


All the best



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Hey 420,


Now the kids are back to school after the snow I was looking forward to some peace and quiet watching my Remo move towards the end. 


That hasn't panned out very well as on close inspection during the weekly clean I found some bastard little pollen sacs on 3 plants,look at the little feckers.......










After some detective work I found that there was a light leak in the corner they were in from the duct tape I had as back up around the cable tunnel that had lifted over time and let in a shaft of light.


I thought it through and decided that if they had more than a couple of sacs id pull them and all 3 had plenty so they got chopped.


I know they may be sterile and of no issue really but I cannot gamble or it puts me in back in a pain filled hell with no chance of escape.


There's nothing wrong with the smoke so that's up drying,it's nice quality for small half way there buds....








So it's not gone to waste and if the plants that are still flowering smell and taste like this then I'm going to be one very happy and high grower!!


Last time round I was really happy with the smoke but this time is of the charts in aromas and flavour with a hit that wants to tango slap you to oblivion,intense,very intense.


The smoke smacks you in gob like raw liquorice with notes of cherries and black pepper,f******g lovely stuff and thank God I have more of it!!


A proper update on the remainder will be done in a day or two as I have a few things on but they're all looking great.


Take it easy guys.

Edited by Badbadger
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