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Newbie - Preparing for 1st grow

Hi All, 


Just wanted to introduce myself, been enjoying the green for some 15 years, starting to get annoyed with the garbage available and the shrinking weights. 

My main objective is to produce a clean and quality smoke. Ideally with a med/high CBD %. 


I have spent many hours reading the vast amount of amazing information, I have been motivated by the grow diaries.


 Looking forward to start my first grow, and that first smoke is going to be marvellous :bong:





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My plan is to learn as I go on, seek advice and clarification. My grow has to be super stealthy - noise, light and smell need to be controlled. 


Space: The only place I think I can actually attempt to grow is in my garage, while it isn't ideal, with winter coming. Its the garage or no grow. 


I am leaning towards a cupboard/grow box type set up. initial thoughts 80x80x210. Dressed up like a tool cabinet. so it isn't obvious I have a dark secret :) 

I will build it myself, feel confident I have fairly good DIY skills to accomplish the objective. 


Growbox - Thinking - Shell. 18mm MDF, 75mm Insulation, 12mm MDF, reflective sheet - hopefully providing good heat and sound insulation. 

Bottom 1/4 for propagation and cuttings (inlet fan), 2/4 Main grow, 1/4 Ext fan, cables etc


Lights -


Think either a good quality COD LED or CDM - Grow and Flowering. Propagation - CFL 


Fans - any recommendations would be v helpful?

Extraction - 6" Fan of some sort 

Inlet - 4" Fan of some sort 

Carbon Filter - Rhino Pro 300mm

Ducting - Phonictrap Ultra - want the acoustic benefits without the mess of fibre particles etc 

Controller - no idea at this stage 


Heating - 


2 ft tube heater - of some sort 


Grow media


Soil I think would be best for me, likely to be more forgiving from what iv read - Looks like Biobizz light and all mix

Q. any benefit with adding worm casings into the mix? read somewhere outside of this site it really helps. 


Nutrients - no idea at this stage 


Pots - 0.5l then 11l 


Any suggestions, recommendations etc would really help get me started 







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