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No go 2 grows in a row

Baffeld is a good description of how I feel atm. 


2nd grow in a row with no usable bud. 2 weeks before harvest all seemed good. Yield was on the light side due to a cold spell, but had that before with no issues to the end product. 


Had a nightmare keeping them warm, using 600w and an oil rad to kept temps up, though temps were hitting 32 regularly despite my best efforts to control it, though again had heat temps issues before, never with these devestating effects. Been reading up that regular high temps will burn off the trichomes reducing thc. 


So back to the 400w I go, last 2 grows been done with a 600w that’s the only thing I’ve changed. Got great results from 400 thought upping bulb would better, how wrong I was. Just when I think you’ve got a understanding of what I’m doing, BAM! Fuck up city. 


There goes christmas 

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Bummer dude.  So what did you end up with, crispy bud with not much smell or taste?


Surely you can make something of it so it isnt a complete waste...  Like oil or hash.


Or roll big suckers.

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Ended up with 8 plants, of which 6 had tight formed bud, very little smell, the other 2 well formed bud, again very little smell. 


What’s dry(ish) has no taste! 


Gutted to say  the least. 


Live and learn as they say. So we go again! 

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That's a downer alright, to happen twice that's a load of time down the tubes. 

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Have had this in a minor way... it sucks.


I don't know if you have one already SB, but if not get yourself one of those InfraRed thermometer guns to keep an eye on radiant heat from the bulb for next time. 


They are only about a tenner.


You shoot it at the leaves then compare it to ambient canopy temps.  They should ideally be within 2 or 3 c of each other, if not think about raising the lights a bit.


All the best...

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