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Newvape flowerpot

Does anyone own or tried the newvape flowerpot? I would really love to know how these things compare to the cloud evo.

@vapefiendI noticed your now stoking the starter kit, do you think you will be stoking any more of there goods as I already have a enail?


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Great clip, probably the biggest rips I have seen out off all your reviews.

My evo that I have loved so much over the last few years is now collecting dust.

 The flowerpot really is the end game vape for me, I have my fingers crossed that  @vapefiendis going to get some adjustabowls and wraparounds in soon.

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Hi @vapefiend, I'm looking to get a wraparound head for my flowerpot and would like to purchase from yourself but can no longer find any newvape bits, am I being stupid or are you no longer selling them. Atb 

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Thank you @vapefiendfor your reply, I will hold fire and await with fingers crossed the arrival of the wraparound heads.  I'm in no rush as the showerhead is keeping me busy and to be honest I'm enjoying my flower so much since getting this that I'm hardly dabing atm.

thanks again



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