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Two Strains, Two Problems!

Hi All,

My friend has a couple of plants which he is having issues with. He's using RO water with a PH of between 6-7. He's not used any nutes except sprayed diluted super thrive and bio-silicon. The soil is Plant Magic.

They have been vegging for over 4 weeks and a few other plants have signs of extreme stunted growth, as they are only 2 inches high. I haven't taken photos of the really small ones. Also, they have been since taken out of the prop and onto an e-pap blue light adjusted to 750W and about 3 feet from the plants. Temp is 23 during the day and 19 at night with humidity between 60% 70%. Apparently they have hardly been watered in the last 4 weeks because the pots are quite heavy. They were grown from seed, i can only think that he left them in the propagator for a wee bit too long? He has a double height propagator and thought that he could veg them inside that until they reached a larger size. I think may be they could't breathe very well inside the propagator. Although they have been out in the open for about 2 weeks, some are very slow to grow and others show signs that they are not in the best of health.

These first 3 photos show Amnesia Haze by Soma strain and the last 3 are The Ultimate

Can anyone shine some light on these issues he's having.




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too wee for the pots?

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As above mate looks like them pots are to big and there being overwatered as a result. I would dry them out and be tight with watering till there big enough to take a full wet. they should start to move again

Atb m99

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Don't know much about cannabis as only a new grower myself, but I know a lot about RO units, they filter every thing out of the water including all the mineral and salts the plant uses. You would be better using 50/50 mix of RO water and tap water or use RO additive minerals usually sold in aquarium shops. You will also find that your PH will be very unstable as the mineral that buffer the ph have been stripped by the RO, collect some of the run off water and check the ph.

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Ph is not important when growing on soil. And RO water is not necessary.

The pots are to big for the plants.

Low temps are too low.

Is he spraying/misting during lights on?

There's a few things that could be causing issues to be honest mate.

Try keeping things simple, get yr lights out temps up a bit. Drop the RO and try using plain tap water (add a little from the warm tap to bring its temp up). If your adjusting ph then stop it. Only ever mist plants during the lights out period....

Without wanting to be negative, if you got spare beans/clones I'd be tempted to start again fresh. That might sound a bit severe but stunted/runty plants won't ever perform to there full potential once the damage has been done...

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Hi, Thanks for your replies. I have since repotted them in even larger pots. I was hoping that that would cure it, until i saw your replies!

The RO system i am using is specifically for cannabis, so i doubt that that would cause any issues. I think you are right that the low temps and high humidity has probably not allowed the soil to dry out properly. I have put another light on and will up the night time temperature.

I really do not want to spend more money on beans! If they do not grow to their full potential, would they also create shitty cuttings as well?

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The plants will be fine If you get the room tuned in properly I didn't see you were using ro water didnt read it properly I don't think this would help I would use just plain tap water as mentioned already it's full of micro nutrients that help and are needed with soil growing and that ph when buffered by the soil wil probably be to low? Causing lockout and that's why the plants are not taking any water and not drying out properly.I would get the temps up lights off and wait for them to dry out and ditch the ro just use plain water. Things will improve rather fast

Keep it simple and things will go smoothly

Atb M

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