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9 minutes ago, willowisp said:


How old were you then mate?


If I have to drop one activity it will have to be weights, I'm too far down the MMA road now, i've got the learning bug and the buzz you get when you look back at how far you've come is great. I go to strength and conditioning sessions once a week, thats on top of the killer warmups and finishers we do at the regular classes, if I've done squats the day before I struggle!

44 Mate

I was taking dhea at high doses

Came off of that (drs very bad advice)and crashed and burnt for a long time

i would have Sunday off only but constantly felt wired couldn’t sleep

elevated heart beat on waking

It’s better to drop the weights and pursue the skill set with mma

its fucking hard keeping up with the younger guys with mma

but solid skill sets never go away really

particularly with striking.its ingrained



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