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Amnesia's Sweet Seeds 2012 Grow Diary (2nd diary)

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:notworthy: Thanks to Sweet Seeds generosity i will be having a go at their new 3rd Generation Auto's, I've only recently harvested my very successful grow courtesy of Sweet Seeds which were also free seeds for the competition grow diaries. There is a link below in my signature if anyone would like to take a read as i'm just about to do a final smoke report in the coming days. :yep:

So on with this grow, nothing in the main room now so these Auto's will be started in there. I may need some help along the way here as this is only my 2nd grow of Auto's, the first grow was actually my very first grow way back over two years ago so i'm not too clued up on these now. I've read lots since though and seen the proof on here that Autos's have come a long way since, the Sweet Seeds auto's i've seen grew out look fantastic and i hear the smoke is good too, so i'm looking forward to trying out these new ones.

The plan is to start just 6 of the 18 seeds i have which are Green Poison, Sweet Special and +Speed and start the rest at a later date, So 2 of each strain were germinated only a few days ago as you will read below but i thought i should get the diary on the go now as i've got itchy fingers and you might aswell come for the boring early ride too. lol

Before we start my set up.>


The main room is a converted walk-in wardrobe, The wardrobe measures 3ft x 3ft 7ft and covered top to bottom in diamond mylar. Lighting is a Lumatek 400w digital ballast with super lumen switch, contactor, 80cm Parabolic. Temps are always good at around 28c lights on, Intake is a 4" Ruck with fan controller and the extraction is a 5" temperature controlled ruck fan (leepys box fan acoustic foam method done) with a 5" Rhino carbon filter connected to acoustic ducting. The fan does the job very nicely and is always on its lowest speed setting and so very quiet. Air circulation is x2 6" clip on fans.


Maxibright T5 4 tube fluorescent, 96w of power (24w each tube) and measures 59cm(W), 37cm(D) and 6cm(D), on/off switch and is wired to a Maxiswitch 2-way contactor (10Amps) and Grasslin timer.


My plan is use a 400w Sunmaster 7200k MH Lamp with 80cm Parabolic shade for the main vegging and just before i see them go into the flowering stage i will put in the 400w Osram Son-T pure sodium for the rest of the period. I've not seen this done with auto's before so anybodys opinion on this would be great. The lighting schedule will be 20/4 for the whole time.



Green Poison Auto.

Autoflowering 3rd generation. Result of a hybridization between a selected strain of Big Devil # 2 and a Green Poison elite clone. To fix the aroma and taste of the Green Poison the resulting hybrid was backcrossed twice with the original Green Poison clone.

Its aroma and flavor have been well established and are very pleasant and intense, sweet and fruity tones and a soft background of Skunk. Variety of high production of flowers and resin with a strong and longlasting effect.

Technical data:

Autoflowering: 100%

Production Indoor: 400-550 g/m2

Production Outdoor: 30-200 g/plant

Indoor/Outdoor Harvest: 8 weeks from germination.

Height: 60 - 100cm

Sweet Special.

Autoflowering 3rd generation. Polyhybrid result of multiple crossings between a Grapefruit elite clone, a Hog elite clone and a selected strain of Cream Caramel Auto. In this range we have explored a gene found in a very special range of aromas and flavors, so far unheard of in autoflowering varieties, sweet and pleasant aromas of candy or jelly type.

Produces large buds covered with abundant crystalline trichomes.

Technical data:

Autoflowering: 100%

Production Indoor: 400-550 g/m2

Production Outdoor: 35-175 g/plant

Indoor/Outdoor Harvest: 8 weeks from germination.

Height: 60 - 100cm


3rd Generation Autoflowering. This hybrid is the result of a cross between a Critical Mass auto from the R & D department of Sweet Seeds, selected for its fast flowering characteristic and for the pleasant and intense aroma, and a Speed Devil #2 ​​selected for a very fast flowering period.

+ Speed is an autoflowering variety developed in the search for a very fast flowering genetic, being ready to harvest only 7 weeks after germination. Produces thick buds loaded with aromatic resin. Sweet and fruity aromas with hints of yeast and cheese.

Technical data:

Autoflowering: 100%

Production Indoor: 350-500 g/m2

Production Outdoor: 30-150 g/plant

Indoor/Outdoor Harvest: 7 weeks from germination.

Height: 50 - 90cm


Plant Magic Supreme soil along with Plant Magic beneficials and Essence if i need it.

First a quick picture of the growroom, you can see the Parabolic at the top and the T5 set-up hanging underneath it, when this is not needed i will simply remove it and lower down the 400w Parabolic. :yep:


Germination coming up after :bong:


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Hi Amnesia

Best of luck with ya grow mate, not that ya need it, these autos literally grow themselves...

My last auto grow with sweet seeds was done on 20/4 light cycle and i pulled 26.5 oz's of dried bud off a 600w dual spec, and im far from an expert grower :skin_up::yinyang:

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Prepare to be amazed my friend. Good plan with the MH. Just remember you've only got 7 weeks, according to blurb. So 1 week of T5, 2 weeks of MH and 4 weeks of HPS. Have a read of Serps guide, if you have not already done so. I am sure that you'll storm these mucker. All the best.

Coffee, no sugar,

Cheers :smokin:

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My method to get them going was just to put them straight into moist Root Riot cubes, I was having problems keeping a good temperature at first because i put them in the heated propogator for 24 hours and the temps rose to 30c :doh:, this is far too high so i removed the lid and temperatures then dropped to 20c which is too cold, so not a good start for them i think in the first couple of days of germination. :(


Green Poison Auto

x2 Seeds


Sweet Special

x2 seeds, These seeds were very small. :wub:



x2 seeds


Yesterday Wednesday 25 January temps were stabilised at around 26c, R/H low at only 30% but the cubes were kept wet at all times.

Germination Next.>

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I forgot to mention that the lot numbers for the seeds are as follows.>

Green Poison - Lot 503

Sweet Special - Lot 602

+Speed - Lot 809

Today 3 out of the 6 have their heads above soil, a full 4 days since i planted them. I normally achieve quicker germination results than this but this is purely my fault with the erratic temperatures at the start, still early days yet though and i still have hopes for the other 3 yet to show.

One of the +Speed is here along with both of the Sweet Specials!, these two were the smallest seeds too. No sign of any of the Green poison yet. :lucky:

Green Poison Auto - left and above. (no sign)

Sweet Special - middle and above (ss#1 middle, ss#2 above)

+Speed - right and above ( +s#1 right, +s#2 no sign)


Close ups

Sweet special#1


Sweet special#2




Standby for Plan B if i need it. :yep:

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As previously said no Green Poison have showed yet and there is still another +Speed to surface, not too worried at the moment but now that some are up and i realise these grow fast i decided today to start off 2 more Green Poison Auto's just in case the others do not show, these will not be far behind anyhow and if the others do decide to come to the party then i will just downsize the final pots, a total of 8 seeds germing so i'm hoping for around 5 or 6 in the room. :lucky:

Tomorrow we will call it Day 1 of veg so lets see if any more appear.

A pic of the two Green Poison auto seeds started today at 6.30pm, for the first time ever i have put them in a glass of water to try and speed the process up as i've read it can help. Would 12 hours in the water be okay or do they have to sink to the bottom?, then put in soil. :huh: I would hate to drown them! lol


Another update tomorrow to see what we have, the final smoke report for my first Sweet Seeds 210/12 grow diary will be in a few days, read all about it below in my signature. :smokin:


Edited by Amnesia
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Hi mate

Sorry to jump in on ya thread again, i usually find that after about 20 -24hrs in a glass of water they will have already cracked and ya can see the tap root, i stick mine in a glass of warmish water and then wack em in the airing cupbaord where it nice n dark and warm...

Good luck anyway man :yinyang:

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Woo ooh!! :guitar:

Great one, this is going to be very interesting. Hope they turn out good to you my friend :yep:

I'll keep cheking this out very often. Sweet smokes! :oldtoker:


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Hey amnesia, off again with another thread, always good to see, hope these go to plan m8, never done auto's my-self but will 1 day i hope. all the best for you m8. Nelly

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Good luck dude, hope they grow well for you.


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Looking good Amnesia!

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I'm looking forward to this one.:)

I'm going to be growing auto's in my next diary.So i'll be watching this one closely, as you know i enjoy reading your diaries even though i don't post much.

Good luck Amnesia


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ukblazer I'm about to take a read of your auto diary, i cannot believe i missed that one!. From what i've seen of the Sweet Seeds autos they all seem to do exceedingly well and look similar to the photoperiod ones, in fact some of the Cream Caramel Auto's look identical to the normal Cream Caramel i grew out in size and structure. Sweet Seeds have definitely shown the way! :thisbig:

Thanks for the heads up too on the seeds, look like i have some movement as you will read below.

Hiphip That lighting plan you said is a similar schedule to the one i was thinking of so it will be good to see how they like it, Serpents guide was an informative read so i will be keeping that in mind too. :yep:

Sweet SeedsNice of you to call in tommy, i'm very much looking forward to seeing how these turn out for me as this will only be my second grow of autos and the first being my first grow over two years ago. From what i've read though autos seem to be lighter feeders than the photoperiod ones so i will need to be careful here as i can sometimes spoil my girls with PM beneficials1. I will be keeping this one nice and simple and still hope i can do them justice as they deserve. :yep: Thanks again for organising all this. :notworthy:

All the best mate.

nelly123 Should be an interesting one this as i'm new to auto's too, i was planning on having a little break from growing but could not resist the temptation of these. :yinyang:

ska Cheers for the good vibes, stop by anytime. :bong:

Atomic Haze Nice to hear from you mate, once i'm past the germination stage i will be very happy, i've never seemed to find the right place to start them off so once this is over i will breathe a big sigh of relief. :sweaty:

Stop by anytime. :smokin:

redtilidie Glad you are enjoying it so far, i enjoy doing my diaries and its good to hear that others find them worthwhile too. :yep:

Make yourselves at home and comfy, plenty of flavours in the jars so this is going to be a nice relaxing ride.

An update on the germination process next.> :skin_up:


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A little late with the update as its now the early hours of the morning of the next day but all of the following pics were took exactly 24 hours after the last update. :stoned:

Its been 5 days now since i put the 6 seeds in the cubes, still no sign of any Green Poison yet the the both Sweet Special and single +Speed are now all standing up properly upright and looking happy and sturdy, no problems there. I think i see movement though in all of the rest of the cubes so i'm very positive right now. :yinyang:

Remember the 2 Green Poison i put in the glass of water yesterday just in case the others do not show?, Well 24 hours later one seed has threw out a tap root and the other looks as though it is about to crack!

These have just been put into Root Riots so looking good. :lucky:

Because we now have 3 standing up i have decided to call today Day 1, others are about to join the show but these will only be a couple of days behind the others if they show up.

Its still early days yet though being only 5 days since i put them in the soil, the GP i've just put into the cubes may even show before the others!

We will see how we go from here anyhows and be assured i will keep you all updated as soon as any new development happens. Maybe tomorrow we will see.

3/8 so far then, looking forward to the days ahead. :yep:

On with the pictures then, first up the 2 new Green Poison i just germinated, you can see the one has a tap-root and the other one looking like it is about to crack, i'm not sure what is in the shell casing of the one with the root?


Next, an overview of what we have so far. The two new cubes to the left in the picture are the 2 new Green Poison i just put into the cubes which we will now call GP#3 and GP#4.

Looking at the picture from above.

GP#3 GP#2 SS#2 +S#2

GP#4 GP#1 SS#1 +S#1


Close-up to follow.> :smokin:

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From above, the little mark on +S#1 is a water splash.>

SS#2 +S#2

SS#1 +S#1


A sideview of them.

Looking at the picture.

SS#1 SS#2 +S#1


All the best and happy growing everyone. :lucky:

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