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farmer boy

random guerrilla photos

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1 hour ago, indicatoker420 said:

Will be a week tomorrow I seen mine. Not sure whether to go see them or just leave it. After seeing rot last week I'm eager to go but want to try keep visits down.


Just a question for you gg veterans, is it too late to put dry ferts down now? They're 4ish weeks in flower and theyre sweet seeds fast versions. Thanks. E2a: guess it's something somebody can't really answer for sure, I'll just leave them I'm sure they won't eat themselves too much. My guess is that they'll have only just started working just a bit before harvest anyway.

I would go. I was trying to keep visits down too. Every two weeks at the most. Since I've seen how much damage can be done, and how quickly, and based on everything I've read about how quickly rot/mould can spread, I've decided once a week is the bare minimum. Particularly if there's wet weather around. 

Regarding the dry ferts, I'm not an expert. I'm not bothering any more though. Again, my research suggests that they took a good few weeks to break down, and I've put plenty down already throughout their lives anyway, so there's likely to be more left in the soil. Plus I'm giving liquid feed whenever I go now. So I'd say not, for what it's worth (perhaps not much).

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Thanks mate, I'll go check on them tomorrow and take some scissors with me this time lol . It has been quite wet so I'm expecting to see a bit tbh

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that ok then, was shitting my self a bit, thought the ground might have been toxic or something, thought I'd ruined a crop :bong:

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Been a while since I've posted anything in the OD section.  Thought it be nice to take pictures of this years plot and post it in here.  Nothing much, just a few plants this season.   Weather has been sub prime during the past few weeks.  Lost an entire Purple maroc to rot and blue cheese didn't make it either. :(

All the others are looking fine though.  Very little mold on the other Purple marocs thank god.


Here another PM head bud - much bushier pheno




Old faithful (purple maroc) and mold free




One of Purple Maroc i chopped today (maybe 10% mold) and the bluecheese next to it.  Won't be smoking any BC this year...




Black Jack FV - really hoping for a nice october as she probably needs another 3 weeks




Sweet Special is looking really well with no budrot at all.




The weather forecast is ok for rest of the week until it changes during the weekend to cold and wet.   This means I'll be chopping most of them before the weekend and leaving the Black Jack and one of the Purple maroc which is lagging behind until mid october.  :rolleyes:

Hope you all had a decent season so far. :v:



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Looking good AT :yinyang:

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large.image.jpeg red purps and killer kush fv now curing. Red purps smells really fruity :yep:

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1 hour ago, Key4 said:

Heads up !!! looiks familiar this one.



I know what you mean, I had the same thought when I looked at the photo.

Might just be that plots fall into relatively few categories though, and plots within a certain category tend to look similar.

Anyway, it sucks.

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Here's a few pics from a few days ago...


Whitey Freeze (11 weeks from seed - 6 weeks into flower)








Different angle with lower side branches included...



OG Kush CBD auto (10 weeks from seed - very unusual genetics/appearance of this)








Glueberry OG (10 weeks old, still a few more weeks to go though, and looking quite leafy :()







Blue Kush auto (late start and not enough sunlight)




Happy harvesting everyone :yinyang:

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Went today and had to cut off some budrot, there wasn't that much though tbh. It was the cream caramels that were affected mainly, I only needed cut a little bit off on one killer kush and that's it. They've filled out quite a bit since I checked last Tuesday. Here's how they are now...




These photos are random but I can tell which is which if anybody wants to ask, feel free :)



Close shave lol




Hope all is well out there for you folks! My first year doing this but been a shitty season apparently, I'm still satisfied though and if other years are normally better than I can't wait until next year if chances are it might be better than this year. The killer kush's by far outperform the cream caramels when it comes to mold/budrot but they're still a good one, up to now for me anyways. Can smell these plants from quite far away now lol, each time I go I can smell them further away than I could the previous visit lol.

Edited by indicatoker420
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Was quite surprised how much the whitey freeze photo buds weighed. Tasty too.


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On ‎25‎/‎09‎/‎2017 at 6:43 PM, Key4 said:

@Ch@ppers Do you actually help out trimming or just take pics of random things lol 


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