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My Sweet Seeds Diary - Blackjack, Double White & Sweet Cheese

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Ok first of all thank you to Sweet Seeds, Tommy, Jules & Withnail for getting my seeds out to me and for organising an amazing competition.

As already said no one can really lose...result!

Good luck to everyone taking part. I reckon it's going to be a lot of fun.

The Set Up:

Groom: 0.96m x 0.83m x 2.5m

Extractor: 150mm Temp Controlled RUCK

Filter: RHINO

Intakes: x3 Passive

Shade: Greens 80cm Parabolic

Bulbs: 125 CFL, 400w Sodium & 600w Dual Spectrum

Soil: Plagron Batmix

Nutes: Biobizz - Fishmix & Bloom

Other: Rockdust, Plant Magic Granules, Epsom Salts.

The Plan: Start off seeds straight into some Plagron Batmix used on a previous grow (sieved).

Once they germ then they will be put under a 125w CFL on 24/7 until potting on.

After they have been potted on into fresh Batmix they will then be put under 400w Sodium at 18/6 until they need potting on again.

Then they will be put under a 600w Sunmaster Dual Spectrum until they are finished.

Due to only being able to grow 4 plants to their full potential in the space I have, I've decided to grow 2 x Blackjacks, 1 x Sweet Cheese & 1 x Double White.

Last night I filled 4 pots with some sieved Plagron Batmix that was used in my last grow.

I watered the pots using a bottle top rose until there was a run off and then left them over night.

Bottle Top Rose


The next day the seeds were put about an 8th of an inch into the damp soil and loosely covered.


All 4 pots have now been put into a warm dark cupboard to be germed and will be checked on every 12 hours or so.


Edited by PowerPainter
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Good luck with the grow & comp PP, not that you need it after your last harvest :wink: and I bet you'll be checking on them more than every 12 hours :spliff:

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All the best with the grow and competition PowerPainter, nice start to the diary. :spliff:

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You're welcome mate :guitar:

Thanks for your participation in the contest!

Good luck!


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all the best with your grow and the comp. happy growing b2t

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Wowieeeee Mate guess youll be producing some big fat Dense buds ey :smokin: cant wait to see what pops out of there , good luck man

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Good choice of seeds PowerPainter. Looking forward to some multi cola'd plants like your PPP. Good luck in the comp. :)

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good luck with the grow mate

oss :rofl:

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Atb with your grow and diary PP :yep:

If they come out anyway near your plant, winning cotc plant may I add you'll be onto a winner.

Nice to see you like batmix as much as me, not many peeps like it here, there all hanging out the back of plant magics arse :yep:

Take it easy mate and happy growing :)


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High PP ATB with your grow and diary mate, I like to use worm castings mixed into MPC, but i hear batmix is very good.

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Good luck with the grow and comp PP.

Looking forward to seeing how you get on!

Bottle Top Rose


Hey, just what I need :B):


Edited by playingedges

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Cheers Serpent and yeah ya right more like every 12 minutes :ouch:.

Thank you Amnesia.

Nice one Tommy. :)

Thanks b2t.

I hope so beanpopper, thanks for dropping in.

Hey Chilli I look forward to seeing multi-cola'd plants like my PPP's too....I doubt very much we're going too...but I'd really like to. :wink:

Cheers oldskoolsmoker.

Ya know Hantshaze the plan after my first grow was to try the Plant Magic soil, but after the results with the Batmix I don't see any reason to change right now.

Hi Stonecold, Well I only know from using it the once that it works.

Hello Playingedges, thanks for the well wishes. I use my bottle top rose all through out my grow. They are great little things.

Thanks for all the good vibes everyone.

Nothing to report on the germination situation.

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We have some activity at soil level, although so far only the Sweet Cheese has decided to put in an appearance.

Fingers crossed the other 3 seeds won't be far behind.

Now one has sprouted I will move them under the 125w CFL in the groom.

Before we can move them into the groom, it needs to be cleaned and prepared for their arrival.

Meet the Groom

post-57551-1294999473_thumb.jpg post-57551-1294999481_thumb.jpg

The groom was cleaned top to bottom with White Vinegar Spray


Once cleaned the 125w CFL and Shade were set up


Day 1 - Sweet Cheese


As stated before, the 125w CFL will be placed 1 inch above the Seedlings and will be left on 24/7 until they need potting on.

Hope I don't have to wait to long now for the others to sprout so we can really get this show on the road.

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Nice to see the SC has popped her head above the soil, hopefully the others will following soon :yep:

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Nice1 pp. Talk about good timeing for ya. Good choice of seed to. We are all watching to see if you can do it again in the true pp big yeild way :wink:

Goodluck dude

Crackon :spliff:


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